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Burlington Oldtimers Slo-Pitch: BOSL Tournament

Rules & Format Overview

1. Each team is guaranteed to play 6 games over the month of September
2. Round robin games are maximum 7 innings, no new inning started after 1 hr 15 minutes
3. Home team to be decided by coin flip
4. Home team, if leading by fewer than 8 runs, must take their last at-bats
5. 8 runs per inning [or deficit plus 1] mercy rule in effect for all innings as per regular schedule
6. Ties final after last complete inning
7. Consolation and championship finals each 7 innings - no time limit
8. Seedings for round 1 drawn by tournament director and non-captaining board member
9. Round robin win counts 2 points, tie counts one point for each team, loss counts 0 points
10. Seedings for round 2 determined based on points earned in round 1
11. There will be extra innings (if tied after seven innings) for the final games
12. There will not be any semi-final games. The winners of the pods will face eachother in the finals.

  • If teams have 9 players they may borrow a catcher, the provided catcher will attempt to play the ball if there is a play at home
  • Teams will only be granted maximum 1 sub if 8 players or less. If multiple players are missing they will be provided a player that is an average of all those that are missing.
  • If a team cannot field a team with a minimum of 7 rostered players they will forfiet the game

As for the home team batting in the last inning if they are already up by 8 or more runs, they don't need to bat; they win the game by 8. For example, if they are up by 6 runs they bat until they are up by 8 runs, at which point the game is over and they win the game by 8.

Tie Breaker Sequence:

1. Head-to-head
2. Plus/Minus
3. Runs against (fewest)
4. Runs for (most)
5. Coin toss
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