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BOSL awards night
Play Fall Ball
Ready to play Fall Ball
or is that Foul Ball?  Steve B has it all ready to go! What team am I on?
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2017 registration
Join BOSL - Register here for 2017 season

Register by midnight September 24, to be eligible for a draw to be held at the AGM

Year-End Tournament
Are you Ready?
I was just getting that opposite field thing working and the season is coming to a close...
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Partnership West
Our Charity for 2016
Thanks to the contributions of our members, we are donating a further $2,200 on Wednesday August 24th. This brings our total donations to just over $5,700 so far. This is what we are about. Thanks BOSL...
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Are there stats for that?
Strikeout-leaders, Most dropped balls, Most times hit by a pitch...
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The Burlington Oldtimers Slo-Pitch League is softball for players aged 35+ based in Burlington, Ontario - played twice a week from May to September including two tournaments. A mid-season tournament at the end of June and the season finale at the beginning of September. We have a solid base of players that come back year after year but we always welcome newcomers of all skill levels to experience our unique balance of competition, fun and fellowship! Read More

GAME 35 - Aug 30
Day Time Park V        H       
Tues 6:30 BH L3M CS
Tues 6:30 M LHC ME
Tues 6:30 NC BOHC MC
Tues 8:00 NC VF VA
Tues 9:30 NC JA DD
Tues 6:30 S CM DC
Tues 8:00 S CBBR CL
Tues 9:30 S PLR EPK
Join us for Fall Ball - 2 spots left

GAME 36 - Sept 1
Day Time Park V   H  
Thurs 6:30 BH LHC BOHC
Thurs 6:30 M CL CM
Thurs 6:30 NC ME CS
Thurs 8:00 NC EPK L3M
Thurs 9:30 NC DC DD
Thurs 6:30 S VF PLR
Thurs 8:00 S JA VA
Thurs 9:30 S MC CBBR
Paul Ritchie (BOHC) 67 Sept 1
Join us for Awards Night