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Season Update #5
Date: Tue Aug 17, 2021 10:54 am
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Greetings Everyone,

We are officially at the half way point of the season. By all indications everyone is enjoying the time back on the field and the fun and fellowship of the BOSL. We have experienced great weather with only a game or 2 lost. We've had a few injuries and withdraws but pool players are helping out to try and avoid forfeits.

Playoffs - Due to popular demand, we have made the decision to conduct a playoff format for the month of September. The playoff format will be the same format as our regular tournament style playoff. By that I mean, we will conduct a round robin tournament but games will be played on our regular week nights. After the first round, the top 2 teams from each pod will go the Championship side of the next round robin and the other 2 teams will go to the Consolation side.
The top 2 teams from each side will play for the championship. We will be build a small buffer in to the schedule to accommodate any games lost due to weather. The finals would take place on Thursday September 30.
We still have a few things to work out but the Board is working on a schedule. More to come on this.

COVID Update - Everyone is doing a great job with the on line screener with only a few people neglecting or forgetting to complete this before every game. Some members have expressed concern over players not following COVID protocols. We would ask that you share these concerns with your captain and they can either deal with it directly with your teammates or with the other captains. If the captains need assistance from the Board, we will assist if required. The Board has created the protocols that allowed us to return to play but we are not at every game to police. The captains and individual members must follow them and enforce where necessary. It is not the Umpires job to enforce protocols.

Charity Donation - Thanks to the generosity of those members that donated their refund to the Burlington Food Bank we will be presenting them with a cheque for $8857. We will try to get over to the Food Bank in the next week or so to present the cheque.

Thanks for everyone's participation so far and please stay safe.

Scott Sinclair
BOSL President

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