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I always tried to do the best.
I knew I couldn't always be the best,
but I tried to be.
~Frank Robinson

"Cleared the fence by at least
an inch."
~Jim Hindley

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BOSL STATS – Our 2018 Leaders in the Stats department - (as at Sept 15, 2018)

HR Leaders
In a category of his own!!
The Bomb Team HRs
Vollans Doug L3M 66

HR Leaders
NOT Wind Assisted!!
Our HOME RUN Leaders
Big Hitter Team HRs
McLean Aaron VA 33
Marsh Neil CM 30
Carson Ryan CL 28
Conick Peter CL 27
Stewart Murray LHC 27
Misener Bill PLR 26
Thompson Lawrence QB 25
Riley Mark VA 25
Koritko Steve DC 23
Bero Stephen VF 23
Rombough Dave JA 21
Close Matt JA 21
Townsley Jason ME 20
Porteous Jamie ME 20
Herbeson Philip CBBR 18
Porteous Michael CBBR 18
Gibbs Mike DC 18
Veerman Brian VF 18
McDonnell Brendan PLR 17
Meier Wes DD 16
McGrath Paul QB 15
Rankin Mark BC 14
Harper Chris LHC 14
Pomfret Shawn BC 13
Blackmore Chad BOHC 13
Elkins Kevin DD 13
Jesso William BC 12
Gottwald Paul EJ 12
Sagheddu Bert L3M 12
Roseneck Kevin QB 12
Brake Jason VA 12
Ortoleva Tony ME 11
Aubry Jean VA 11
Henderson Kevin DD 10
Boye David JA 10
Fox Sandy  PLR 10
Malik Umer QB 10
Pinkerton Trevor DD 9
Proctor Michael VF 9
Lukings Justin CBBR 8
Latendresse Dale CM 8
DeSantis David CM 8
Irving Derek EJ 8
Bowker Vince LHC 8
Baxby Glen VA 7
Cliffe John VA 7
Parker Todd CBBR 6
Kobryn Randy EJ 6
Mendoza Erwin BOHC 5
Goldsmith Chris  DD 5
Milek David DD 5
McDowell Thomas  L3M 5
Palmer Jeff ME 5
Webber Mark ME 5
Noble Richard QB 5
McDonnell Andrew  VA 5
Bourke Steve VF 5

Record Holders:
66 - Doug Vollans (2018)
52 - Roy Jones (2017)
36 - Chris Rogers (2016)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
72 - Paul Jamieson (2004)
70 - Gary Verdone (2001)
66 - Roy Jones (2014)
61 - Chris Rogers (2015)
55 - Doug Vollans (2013)

HR Leaders
Struggling HOME RUN Hitters!
Frustrated HR Hitter Team HRs
Harild Adam CM 4
Evinou Ron JA 4
Craigie Brent L3M 4
Downey Glenn L3M 4
Hadley Kyle LHC 4
LeMay Jay VF 4
Popovacki Nick BOHC 3
Bisson Rob BOHC 3
Wickens Ron CL 3
McCarthy Doug DC 3
Kimberley David EJ 3
Fascinato Randy EJ 3
Dostal Steve JA 3
Porkolab Michael JA 3
Seely Jim JA 3
Anderson Darren L3M 3
de Melo Hugo L3M 3
Palmer Chris ME 3
Okeane Bryan QB 3
Novoselac Mike QB 3
Murray Darren VA 3
Curtis Shawn VF 3
Meahan Ed BOHC 2
Quevillon Ryan BOHC 2
Comstock Gordon CBBR 2
Hudson Jon CL 2
Jack Doug CL 2
Celi Joe CL 2
Ollesch Jason CM 2
Winstanley Peter DC 2
Schankula Jarrod EJ 2
Sguigna Steve L3M 2
Mohamed David LHC 2
Vandermeulen Ron ME 2
Andersen John PLR 2
Hindley Jim  VA 2

HR Leaders
ONE is the loneliest number!
We can't believe you hit a HR!
Big Hitter Team HRs
Adam Kevin BC 1
Cochrane Gerald BC 1
Harper Luke  BOHC 1
Starr Mike BOHC 1
Drexler Jr. Michael CL 1
Rowsell Steve CM 1
Holditch Darryl CM 1
Moore Greg DC 1
Stewart John DC 1
Evans Shawn DD 1
Vos Michael DD 1
Adam Chris JA 1
Close Kerry JA 1
Freure Richard LHC 1
Aker Stuart ME 1
Camilleri Carl QB 1
Graham Derek QB 1
Kotsopoulos Jim VA 1
McCullough Richard VF 1
Young Scott VF 1

John Rotondo
John Rotondo
The BOSL is only as strong as its members. We are truly fortunate to have someone like John as part of the BOSL family. John is a fixture at all of our events and tirelessly manages our 50/50 draws to help out our charities. John has been a winner of these draws on a couple of occasions and has always donated his share back to the charity. This is John's 20th year with us and is still going strong on and off the field. He won the team MVO in 2014 and received his Bobby Brown Award. Please take some time this season to recognize him and thank him for showing us what " fun and fellowship" and "giving back to the community" is all about.


Tom Clancy
Jerry Weninger (JA)
Now in his 27th season at 71 yrs old, gentleman Jerry is making 90% of his games and batting a very respectable 550+. Jerry was voted Oldtimer of the Year (Willard Pilatzke Award) in 2004. This is Jerry's 26th straight season being a team sponsor in BOSL! Thank you Jerry. One of the most loved players in our league, well known for hosting horseshoe parties for his team and participating in the annual Jerry's golf outings. He's both competitive and tough and also sociable and gracious. Did anyone notice he was batting 1000 after the first few games this season! Shown here wearing his favourite BLUE Jerry's jersey - JA has built a reputation every season as a top team to beat. Can't say enough about this guy - we love him forever - please say hello to Jerry when playing JA this season.

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HR Leaders
Just Get on Base!!
Our OBA Leaders
Smart Hitter Team Avg.
Vollans Doug L3M 0.815
Burr Chris CBBR 0.784
Vos Michael DD 0.776
Leyland Steve DC 0.772
Carson Ryan CL 0.770
Irving Derek EJ 0.764
McLean Aaron VA 0.760
Porteous Michael CBBR 0.759
de Vos Murray L3M 0.752
Close Matt JA 0.748
DeSantis David CM 0.746
Conick Peter CL 0.728
Ortoleva Tony ME 0.728
Drexler Jr. Michael CL 0.728
Proctor Michael VF 0.727
Riley Mark VA 0.726
McGrath Paul QB 0.725
Palmer Jeff ME 0.722
Rideout Jon PLR 0.721
Stewart Murray LHC 0.718
Koritko Steve DC 0.714
Maycock Mike VF 0.712
Kobryn Randy EJ 0.707
Bero Stephen VF 0.705
Novoselac Mike QB 0.705
Herbeson Philip CBBR 0.703
Elkins Kevin DD 0.702
Townsley Jason ME 0.699
Marsh Neil CM 0.698
McDonnell Andrew  VA 0.697
Krummenacher Richard DC 0.696
Cliffe John VA 0.694
McCarthy Doug DC 0.693
Stewart John DC 0.690
McDonnell Brendan PLR 0.690
Blackmore Chad BOHC 0.690
Mueller Mike PLR 0.689
Alley Murray VA 0.688
Mercer Blake LHC 0.688
Rombough Dave JA 0.683
Harper Luke  BOHC 0.682
Canham Mike CBBR 0.680
Perris Tom PLR 0.676
Adam Chris JA 0.675

Record Holders:
.815 - Doug Vollans (2018)
.873 - Chris Rogers (2017)
.801 - Ron Evinou (2016)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
.849 - Doug Vollans (2014)
.799 - Doug Vollans (2013)
.778 - Andy Steeds (2015)

HR Leaders
Giving it 100%
Gold Star Attendance!
Player Team Att.
Parrish Garth BOHC 100%
Parker Todd CBBR 100%
Canham Mike CBBR 100%
Moore Greg DC 100%
Woodhouse Peter DC 100%
Schankula Jarrod EJ 100%
Rombough Dave JA 100%
Porkolab Michael JA 100%
Haines Doug JA 100%
Weninger Jerry JA 100%
Afelskie Peter L3M 100%
Vandermeulen Ron ME 100%
Okeane Bryan QB 100%
McLean Aaron VA 100%

We love these guys!
Our Seasoned Vets
Player   Team Season
Townsley Nick ME 35
Grenier Robert CL 33
Rivard John CBBR 30
McCormack Byron CBBR 29
Caputo Mario DD 28
Labonte Lee BC 28
Palmer Jeff ME 27
Weninger Jerry JA 27
Krummenacher Richard DC 26
Moore Greg DC 26
Hill Robert BC 25
McLeod Rod EJ 25

Ron Fuller
Joe Gallant
It's too late already to get to know this guy as this will be Joe's final season!!! He is hanging em up at 58 years young, after his 10th year in BOSL. He was voted MVO by his teammates on ME in 2012 and won the Warner Thomas Memorial Award in 2015 with Steve Koritko who he captained with for three seasons. Joe's team won the Robert Grenier Cup in 2015. His career batting avg is .675. His wife Tracie attends most of his games and is a very attentive and creative scorekeeper. Joe is all about balancing some on field competiveness while keeping things fun. Joe can and does play every position on the field along with holding down a permanent spot at QBS for post game discussions. We are all lucky to have you with us for this final season Joe. You will be missed!

Jeff Palmer
Jeff Palmer
Most players don't know Jeff. That's because he has been co-captain with Ron VanderMeulen for so long that we usually see him in the background. Ron gets on base and then Jeff steps to the plate and clears the bases so that Ron doesn't have to run. Jeff has been the power on team McCleary for years. He won the mid-season consolation in 2010 and won the championship in 2011. He then won the Andy Smith Award for being the Season-End Tournament Champions in 2013. His team has been in the finals countless times. He was voted MVO by his teammates in 2011 and won the Warner Thomas Memorial Award in 2011. Jeff also won the Dave Little Award in 2016. Every season Jeff is in the running to win the Keith Dunlop Award for exemplary sportsmanship. He received the Bobby Brown Award in 2006 and his BOSL Career Achievement Award in 2016. Certainly there should be an award for putting up with his co-captain for so long! Jeff Palmer is a very successful athlete and a great leader and a good friend to all his teammates. We are lucky to have Jeff in BOSL!!

Ron VanderMeulen
Ron VanderMeulen
Having people like Ron in the league makes us proud to belong to BOSL. He has been a team captain and sponsor for McCleary Electric for 12 years now. He's the kind of Captain that stands up for the whole league, he's outspoken and a gifted communicator. Ron is the guy that steps up to calm the rioters and is happy to address the elephant in the room at any captains meeting. We all need to thank Ron for the tremendous effort he's given us in terms of leadership and all the time he's donated helping us with the electric needs at each tournament. Ron is always there to lend a hand and help us move our heavy equipment bins as needed. He's a generous sponsor and always donates a prize to our awards night and golf prize tables! Ron.turns 65 this June 30th and this is his 24th year with BOSL. Most players know Ron for being an above average pitcher and hitter and a great Captain and we are used to seeing him in the championship rounds -- anyone who has played on his team never wants to leave. He won the Keith Dunlop Award for exemplary sportsmanship in 2010 and the Andy Smith Award for being the Season-End Tournament Champions in 2013. If you haven't already, make sure you get to know Ron this season.

Pitching is not easy!!
Our PITCHING Leaders
Tough Pitcher Team ERA
Scott Sinclair L3M 10.2
Mike Maycock VF 11.4
Murray Alley VA 11.9
Todd Barsanti L3M 12.3
Peter Conick CL 12.8
Gerald Dueck ME 13.1
Lee Labonte BC 13.5
Peter Dovey CM 14.0
Mike Canham CBBR 14.1
Shawn Evans DD 14.2
Ron Vandermeulen ME 14.9
Scot Cameron EJ 15.0
Kerry Close JA 15.1
Tom Perris PLR 15.1
Kevin Roseneck QBS 15.2
Chad Blackmore BOHC 15.4
Bobby Hill BC 15.5
Chris Harper LHC 15.6
Brian Murphy EJ 15.8
Al Elliott VF 16.0
Peter Woodhouse DC 16.2
Mario Caputo DD 16.9
Jeff Pollard PLR 17.3
Shane Nevills CM 17.3
Greg Moore DC 17.5
Larry Beatty CL 18.4
John Rotondo VA 19.5

Cleaning up the Starter's Mess
RELIEF Pitchers
Closer Team ERA
Erwin Mendoza BOHC 11.2
Rhys Westmoreland L3M 11.7
Gord Comstock CBBR 11.9
Murray de Vos L3M 12.2
Joe Gallant VF 12.2
Derek Graham QBS 13.1
Terry Paskal L3M 13.8
Ron Southall PLR 14.0
John Gibson LHC 14.7
Dave Muill EJ 16.5
Steve Sell VA 17.5
Steve Rowsell CM 18.7
Paul Bindner PLR 18.7
Steve Dostal JA 20.3
Luke Harper BOHC 21.0
Mike Mueller PLR 21.0
Rob Bisson BOHC 22.2
Ron Waller BC 25.2
Ralph Perri QBS 28.9

Record Holders:
9.6 - Gerald Dueck (2016)
11.2 - Terry Paskal (2017)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
9.6 - Kevin Roseneck (2013)
11.4 - Murray Alley (2015)

12.6 - Greg Moore (2014)
OBA Leaders
Keepin it in the Park
Top Hitters (without HRs)
Smart Hitter Team Avg.
Burr Chris CBBR 0.784
Leyland Steve DC 0.772
de Vos Murray L3M 0.752
Rideout Jon PLR 0.721
Maycock Mike VF 0.712
Krummenacher Richard DC 0.696
Mueller Mike PLR 0.689
Alley Murray VA 0.688
Mercer Blake LHC 0.688
Canham Mike CBBR 0.680
Perris Tom PLR 0.676
Mattiacci Nick DD 0.662
Houston Ron BOHC 0.652
Bishop Brian QB 0.650
Wootton Ken BOHC 0.647
Waller Ron BC 0.644
Muill Dave EJ 0.637
Cruz Rikki CM 0.636
Taylor Paul L3M 0.636
Afelskie Peter L3M 0.621
Gallant Joe VF 0.621
Vaz Joseph DC 0.617
Britton Trevor BC 0.616
Pollard Jeff PLR 0.616
Murphy Brian EJ 0.615
Gervais Denis VF 0.608
Hill Robert BC 0.608
Paskal Terry L3M 0.607
Haines Doug JA 0.607
Veres David PLR 0.606
Kent David CL 0.606
Cudmore Rick PLR 0.604
Kavanagh Colin DC 0.604
Martin Andrew CBBR 0.602
Green Rob BC 0.600
Douglas Scott BOHC 0.597
Bullee Robert BC 0.596
McCutcheon Steve VF 0.593
Sinclair Scott L3M 0.591
Dueck Gerald ME 0.591
Rivard John CBBR 0.589
Radke Donald JA 0.589

Record Holders:
.789 - Chris Adam (2017)
.788 - Chris Burr (2016)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
.746 - Steve Leyland (2014)
.718 - Tom Perris (2013)

.717 - Rob Green (2015)
.717 - Dave Muill (2015)

George Neist
George Neist
George has decided to hang up his cleats after 31 years with BOSL. His rookie season was 1987 and in 2002 he received his first Bobby Brown Award. George is a true Sportsman and gentleman, a great teammate and friend. Just last year, George was presented with a BOSL Lifetime Achievement Award - our thanks for sticking with us for over 25 years. Sad to see you go George but enjoyed playing with and against you for many years in BOSL.


Ron Fuller
Ron Fuller
Please get to know this wonderful man this season!!! At 83 years, Ron has everyone's respect and for good reason. His career batting avg is .570 and he plays like he's 40 and with a smile on his face. This will be his 23rd season with BOSL. Ron had one hip replaced keeping him out one year but he came right back, hitting well as usual. He received the Bob Brown Award in 2010 and the Keith Dunlop Award for exemplary on-field sportsmanship. Great to have you back Ron!



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