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I always tried to do the best.
I knew I couldn't always be the best,
but I tried to be.
~Frank Robinson

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BOSL STATS – Our 2016 Leaders in the Stats department - (Final stats as at Sept 15, 2016)

HR Leaders
No Flight Restrictions here!!
Our HOME RUN Leaders
Big Hitter Team HRs
Rogers Chris MC 36
Bero Stephen VF 35
Rankin Mark JA 33
Townsley Jason ME 32
Carson Ryan CL 30
Daws Stephen DC 27
Evinou Ron BOHC 26
Riley Mark CSI 25
Marsh Neil DC 25
Gibbs Mike VF 24
Stewart Murray CM 23
Harper Chris CBBR 21
Conick Peter CL 19
Schmidt Brent EPK 19
Porteous Jamie ME 19
McKay Rick CL 18
Popovacki Nick CBBR 16
Pinkerton Trevor EPK 16
Cammisoli Jeff MC 16
DeSantis David PLR 16
Veerman Brian PLR 15
Herbeson Philip PLR 15
Meier Wes VA 15
Elkins Kevin VA 15
McDonnell Andrew  CM 14
Koritko Steve DD 14
McIntyre Scott VA 14
Kimberley David VA 14
Cliffe John BOHC 13
Rombough Dave JA 13
Vos Michael  EPK 12
McDougall Cam LHC 12
Thompson Lawrence BOHC 11
Gottwald Paul CL 10
Dostal Steve MC 10
Noble Richard BOHC 9
Bourke Steve BOHC 9
Thurlow Paul CL 9
Kobryn Randy DD 9
Bowers John EPK 9
Jesso William JA 9
Osfolk Phil CM 8
Downey Glenn EPK 8
Porteous Michael ME 8
Walcott Ken CBBR 7
Cross Dave LHC 7
Devoe Gary PLR 7
Misener Bill EPK 6
Baxby Glen PLR 6
Boyle Mike BOHC 5
Washbrook Steven CBBR 5
Proctor Michael L3M 5
Ortoleva Tony ME 5
(as at Sept 15) Not all sluggers shown...

Record Holders:
36 - Chris Rogers (2016)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
72 - Paul Jamieson (2004)
70 - Gary Verdone (2001)
66 - Roy Jones (2014)
61 - Chris Rogers (2015)
55 - Doug Vollans (2013)

HR Leaders
Under 5
Struggling HOME RUN Hitters
Frustrated HR Hitter Team HRs
Porkolab Michael JA 4
Clarence Darryl L3M 4
Rowsell Steve MC 4
Clark Brandon ME 4
Meahan Ed VF 4
Young Scott BOHC 3
Close Kerry BOHC 3
Jack Doug CL 3
Yagar Michael CM 3
Hong Hector CSI 3
Maycock Mike JA 3
Emery Doug JA 3
Ollesch Jason L3M 3
Drexler Jr. Michael LHC 3
Schmidt Erich MC 3
Cycyka Steven MC 3
McCullough Richard VF 3
LeMay Jay VF 3
Little Mark BOHC 2
Guilfoyle Jason CBBR 2
vanOosterhout John CL 2
Fascinato Randy CSI 2
Waller Ron CSI 2
Blackmore Chad CSI 2
Rahimi Ajay DD 2
Ford Michael EPK 2
Haines Doug JA 2
Latendresse Dale L3M 2
Radke Donald L3M 2
Ciccone Michael LHC 2
Martin Andrew LHC 2
Haywood Paul LHC 2
Kotsopoulos Jim MC 2
Holditch Darryl VA 2
Boye David VA 2
(as at Sept 15) Not all sluggers shown...

Nick Popovacki
Nick Popovacki
Everyone that has had the pleasure of playing for Nick's team in BOSL hopes to get picked up again the following season. In just 7 seasons, he has been a team captain and a board member and is always a volunteer when needed. He is an ambassador for our league and contributes as much to BOSL as his team does to the QBs tab. Nick had everyone wearing pink for the charity in 2015 and brought in record advertising sales for BOSL. They were mid-season tourney Champs in 2014 and Consolation Champs in 2013. I'm sure Nick is voted as his team's MVO every year but he would graciously pass it on. We are so glad you are part of BOSL!

Greg Moore
Greg Moore
When we talk about our motto of Fun & Fellowship, you don't have to look further than Greg Moore. He makes playing in oldtimers FUN. Greg is first to offer a helping hand and is a great volunteer. He served for 6 years on the Board (2002-2004 and again from 2009-2011) and received the Bob Brown Award in 2007. He won the Andy Smith Award and the Keith Dunlop Award for exemplary on-field sportsmanship in 2007. He`s good for at least 1 HR each season and hits around .750. Greg was also a team captain for a few years and in 2014 he had the best pitching record in the league. In 2011 he was voted MVO by his team. He's great at all sports, has a good fashion-sense :-) and we are all lucky to have him with us in BOSL!

Dave Little
Dave Little (CBBR)
This is Dave's 30th year playing with BOSL and he's still got it! He has been a member of the League since 1987; served on the Board 1989–1999; 3 terms as President 1993 – 1995; captained teams several times; has an award in his honour; and in his own words, still an active player with diminishing skills but as always enjoying tremendously the camaraderie and fellowship of the best baseball league anywhere. 70-year-old Dave is currently hitting .727 -- Always a great pleasure to see you out there with us Dave!
  OBA Leaders
Just Get on Base!!
Our OBA Leaders
Smart Hitter Team Avg.
Evinou Ron BOHC 0.801
Burr Chris DC 0.788
Bourke Steve BOHC 0.770
Cliffe John BOHC 0.762
Rogers Chris MC 0.755
Carson Ryan CL 0.750
Maycock Mike JA 0.749
Bero Stephen VF 0.746
McIntyre Scott VA 0.744
Gibbs Mike VF 0.740
Cross Dave LHC 0.737
McDonnell Andrew  CM 0.734
McDougall Cam LHC 0.732
Kimberley David VA 0.728
Marsh Neil DC 0.726
Rideout Jon JA 0.725
Muill Dave PLR 0.724
Cammisoli Jeff MC 0.718
Washbrook Steven CBBR 0.717
Townsley Jason ME 0.717
Mendoza Erwin CBBR 0.716
Conick Peter CL 0.716
Perris Tom MC 0.715
Ortoleva Tony ME 0.714
Green Rob CSI 0.713
Sinclair Scott BOHC 0.708
Starr Mike CM 0.707
McCutcheon Steve VA 0.707
Schmidt Brent EPK 0.706
Mattiacci Nick MC 0.704
Martin Andrew LHC 0.702
Lutz Derek LHC 0.697
DeSantis David PLR 0.697
Vos Michael  EPK 0.697
Meahan Ed VF 0.697
Bishop Brian MC 0.693
Fox Rick CBBR 0.688
Palmer Jeff ME 0.688
Bowers John EPK 0.683
Rivard John CBBR 0.683
Drexler Jr. Michael LHC 0.678
Walcott Ken CBBR 0.678
Holubeshen Dave CM 0.677
Skoretz Peter PLR 0.677
Stewart Murray CM 0.675
Stewart John VF 0.675
(as at Sept 15) Not all hitters shown...

Record Holders:
.849 - Doug Vollans (2014)
.801 - Ron Evinou (2016)
.799 - Doug Vollans (2013)
.778 - Andy Steeds (2015)

Home Run - Just one
ONE is the loneliest number!
Can't believe I hit a HOME RUN!
Big Hitter Team HRs
Wootton Ken CBBR 1
Waters Chris CBBR 1
Thomas Scott CBBR 1
Mercer Blake CL 1
Wickens Ron CL 1
Celi Joe CL 1
Kuppuswamy Heman CL 1
Starr Mike CM 1
Holubeshen Dave CM 1
Allard Paul CM 1
Green Rob CSI 1
Adam Chris CSI 1
Songvilay Ko CSI 1
Hoskin Regan CSI 1
Cochrane Gerald CSI 1
Parker Todd DC 1
Gerrity Jason DC 1
Vignarajah Ganesha DC 1
Stuart Todd  DC 1
Winstanley Peter DD 1
Buchanan Scott DD 1
Andersen John EPK 1
Rideout Jon JA 1
Lutz Derek LHC 1
Serena Brad LHC 1
Palmer Jeff ME 1
Wetherald David ME 1
Cummings Cecil ME 1
Medeiros Joe PLR 1
Giovanini Luigi VA 1
McCutcheon Steve VA 1
Novoselac Mike VA 1
Vanderhout Maurice VF 1
Sguigna Steve VF 1
(as at Sep 15) Not all hitters shown...

Doug Haines
Doug Haines
This is Doug's 20th season with us at BOSL. He's an acrobatic left fielder and a career .700-hitter. Doug captains the team with Class and always encourages us. Doug is part of team Jerry's Automotive and has won the Andy Smith Award 3 times, the Consolation Championship 3 times and the mid-season Champs twice as well. Jerry's is well-known as a tournament team and always a contender! In 2009, Doug won the Warner Thomas Award (Captain of the year) and again in 2009. Doug received the Bob Brown Award in 2011. He's been very successful in BOSL but he is also a great person and worthy every year of winning the sportsmanship awards! Another BOSL GREAT!

John Bowers
John Bowers
John is another reason this league is so great to be a part of. He is always on the list for top sportsmanship awards every season. He has been a co-captain for 11 years and with Tom Clancy. He served time on your Board of Directors for two years (2011/12). He was tournament champion in 2010 with Dave Missons Jr. and again with Tom in 2013. John was a volunteer during our Burlington Blues Special Olympics team challenge. He is a power hitter, an amazing outfielder and infielder. He is always there to help out, play an extra game, support the league, volunteer his time. He's always the first to help out with the beer truck and changing kegs, or even parking the old beer van in his driveway overnight, making him very popular with his neighbours.  In fact, three neighbours joined the league. John has a great attitude and is admired by all of us - we are truly lucky to have him in BOSL.

Jeff Chapman
Jeff Chapman (IR)
55 yr old Jeff joined us in 1996 and played his 20th season for McCleary last season. He earned his Bob Brown Award in 2010, served as a Board member in 2002, served as a Team Captain since I can remember and won the Mid-Season in 2013 with co-captain Dan Robertson. In 2000 Jeff won the Warner Thomas Award (Captain of the year) and again in 2007. Jeff is a career .675 hitter and an above average pitcher. We know Jeff puts his heart and soul into every season with BOSL and is well liked and respected by all of us. It's great to see you out at the parks this season and we wish you all the best Jeff!!
  PITCHING Leaders
Pitching is not easy!!
Our PITCHING Leaders
Tough Pitcher Team ERA
Gerald Dueck ME 9.6
Peter Woodhouse VF 10.6
Peter Dovey CM 10.8
Ron Vandermeulen ME 11.2
Scott Sinclair BOHC 11.4
Tom Clancy EPK 11.5
Mark Flood PLR 11.5
Greg Moore DD 11.8
Rocco Lombardo  PLR 12.0
Steve Rowsell MC 12.4
Terry Paskal EPK 13.2
Mike Maycock JA 14.3
Kerry Close BOHC 15.0
Lee Labonte LHC 15.4
Joe Gallant DD 15.4
Peter Conick CL 15.7
Brian Murphy VA 15.8
Chris Harper CBBR 16.1
Todd Barsanti L3M 16.2
Ron Southall DC 16.2
Chad Blackmore CSI 18.1
John Vinnai  L3M 18.8
Cleaning up the Starter's Mess
RELIEF Pitchers
Closer Team ERA
Dave Muill PLR 10.7
Larry Gill VA 11.4
Paul Gottwald CL 12.0
Mario Caputo VA 13.2
Erwin Mendoza CBBR 15.0
Murray Alley CL 15.2
Al Elliott LHC 15.2
Chris Burr DC 15.8
John Rotondo LHC 16.3
Steve Sell VF 16.5
Steve Dostal MC 17.1
Scot Cameron JA 17.2
Shane Nevills CM 17.7
Ron Waller CSI 18.6
Rhys Westmoreland MC 19.2
Rob Green CSI 20.2
Regan Hoskin CSI 22.2

Record Holders:
9.6 - Gerald Dueck (2016)
9.6 - Kevin Roseneck (2013)
11.4 - Murray Alley (2015)

12.6 - Greg Moore (2014)
OBA Leaders
Keepin it in the Park
Top Hitters (without HRs)
Smart Hitter Team Avg.
Burr Chris DC 0.788
Muill Dave PLR 0.724
Mendoza Erwin CBBR 0.716
Perris Tom MC 0.715
Sinclair Scott BOHC 0.708
Mattiacci Nick MC 0.704
Bishop Brian MC 0.693
Fox Rick CBBR 0.688
Rivard John CBBR 0.683
Skoretz Peter PLR 0.677
Stewart John VF 0.675
Alley Murray CL 0.673
Gallant Joe DD 0.669
Ross Roger CM 0.655
Bowker Vince L3M 0.655
Krummenacher Richard DC 0.651
Murphy Brian VA 0.639
Woodhouse Peter VF 0.629
Wagner Rob CBBR 0.619
Hunter Don LHC 0.615
Tolley Mark CM 0.613
Bisson Rob L3M 0.611
McComish Mark JA 0.608
Huntley Jeff CBBR 0.607
Cudmore Rick EPK 0.604
Gill Larry VA 0.602
Hindley Jim  DD 0.601
Schankula Jarrod CM 0.601
Moriarty Jim VF 0.599
Wright Mike CM 0.589
Camilleri Carl BOHC 0.583
Forrest Andy BOHC 0.581
Afelskie Peter PLR 0.580
Caputo Mario VA 0.579
Blore Don DD 0.575
VanderHout Martin VF 0.575
Little Dave CBBR 0.574
(as at Sept 15) Not all hitters shown...

Record Holders:
.788 - Chris Burr (2016)
.746 - Steve Leyland (2014)
.718 - Tom Perris (2013)

.717 - Rob Green (2015)
.717 - Dave Muill (2015)

We love these guys!
Our Seasoned Vets
Player   Team Season
Townsley Nick ME 33
Grenier Robert DD 31
Little Dave CBBR 30
Neist George ME 30
Rivard John CBBR 28
McCormack Byron L3M 27
Caputo Mario VA 26
Labonte Lee LHC 26
Ritchie Paul BOHC 26

John Rivard
John Rivard
Anyone that's been on team CBBR over the last six years knows John Rivard and what a great example of sportsmanship he sets. Always with the positive attitude, John is a career .680 hitter, top 5 batter on any team. A true athlete! Battling through a pulled hamstring I watched John take his at-bat, get a hit and hop on one leg to first base. We had to drag him off the field to get the substitute runner in. His phone is usually ringing on the bench and it isn't his agent - he has been a team sponsor for 7 years as a real estate agent helping many of us out in Burlington. He's always there for his customers, friends and teammates. Last year in John's 26th season his team won the Andy Smith Award. In 2001 John won the Keith Dunlop Award for Sportsmanship. Just 4 more seasons and he will have his second Bob Brown Award!


Ron Fuller
Ron Fuller
At 81 years, Ron has everyone's respect and for good reason. His career batting avg is .570 and he plays like he's 40 and with a smile on his face. This will be his 21st season with BOSL. Ron had one hip replaced keeping him out one year but he was the first player to register for 2015 and he is already enjoying an expected comeback, hitting well as usual. He received the Bob Brown Award in 2010 and the Keith Dunlop Award for exemplary on-field sportsmanship. Great to have you back Ron!


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