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BOSL STATS – Our 2014 Leaders in the Stats department - (as at September 7, 2014)

Stats Leaders
So close!!
Our HOME RUN Leaders
Big Hitter Team HRs
Jones Roy IT 66
Ford Darryl DD 63
Rogers Chris BOHC 61
Roseneck Kevin ZOLO 53
Koritko Steve CBBR 45
Evinou Ron DD 44
Vollans Doug JS 42
Bero Stephen VF 41
Gibbs Mike VF 38
Wittig Ethan ME 31
McKay Rick DD 30
Blackmore Chad CM 27
Conick Peter L3M 27
Elkins Kevin ZOLO 27
Popovacki Nick JS 26
Marsh Neil VA 25
Rankin Mark DC 24
Fisher Tim JA 23
Verdone Gary BOHC 21
McGrath Paul BG 20
McIntyre Scott CM 19
Proctor Michael CM 18
Veerman Brian VF 18
Parker Todd CBBR 16
McDonnell Andrew  TL 16
Kimberley David ZOLO 16
Misener Bill L3M 15
Carson Ryan TL 15
Moore Stephen BOHC 14
Martin Andrew BOHC 13
Noble Richard DD 13
Gerrity Jason CBBR 12
Latendresse Dale CST 12
Wootton Ken JS 12
Palmer Jeff ME 12
Bujarsky Craig JS 10
Craigie Brent BG 9
Gagnon Larry JS 9
Celi Joe CBBR 8
Wright  Mike VF 8
Hong Hector BOHC 7
Mann Chris VA 7
Osfolk Phil BG 6
Rowsell Steve VF 6
Schmidt Erich VF 6
Ciccone Michael BG 5
Burr Chris CBBR 5
Gedeon Dave DC 5
DeDauw   Lee DD 5
Boyle Mike DD 5
Johnson Bill IT 5
Porkolab Michael JA 5
Close Kerry JA 5
Nussbaum Brad ME 5
Codling Tyler ZOLO 5
Fascinato Randy BOHC 4
Green  Rob DC 4
Dake Randy L3M 4
Aker Stuart ME 4
Wagner Rob BG 3
DeSantis David BG 3
Moore Greg BOHC 3
Cochrane Gerald BOHC 3
Stuart Todd  BOHC 3
Bourke Steve CBBR 3
Meier Wes CM 3
Holditch Darryl CST 3
Gottwald Paul CST 3
Chedore Mike IT 3
Silva Mike JA 3
Haines Doug JA 3
Musitano Angelo JS 3
Britton Trevor L3M 3
Vandermeulen  Ron ME 3
Alley Murray VF 3
Graham Roger ZOLO 3
(as at September 7) Not all sluggers shown...

Record Holders:
72 - Paul Jamieson (2004)
70 - Gary Verdone (2001)
66 - Roy Jones (2014)
55 - Doug Vollans (2013)

Home Run - Just one
ONE is the loneliest number!
Can't believe I hit a HOME RUN!
Big Hitter Team HRs
Adam Chris BG 1
Woodhouse Peter CBBR 1
Young Scott CBBR 1
Mercer Blake CBBR 1
Sciavilla Cosimo CM 1
Radke Donald CST 1
Teolis Jeff CST 1
Kent David CST 1
Maycock Mike DC 1
Perris Tom DD 1
Allard Paul DD 1
Forrest Andy DD 1
Rumleskie Anthony IT 1
Winstanley Peter JA 1
Rideout Jon JA 1
Holubeshen Dave JS 1
Woodfine Peter L3M 1
Baxby Glen L3M *1*
Wetherald David ME *1*
Soucie Dean ME 1
Wickens Ron ME 1
Drexler Michael TL 1
Lutz Derek TL 1
Stewart John TL 1
Stafford Andrew VA 1
Ford Michael VA 1
Uniac Lawrence VF 1
Kavanagh  Colin ZOLO 1
Colatosti Anthony ZOLO 1

Ron Wilson
Ron Wilson
Why is Ron always the first Volunteer to show up at 7am during tournaments to help set up the bases? He will say that he just enjoys the fantastic people in BOSL. People that have become very good friends with him over the many years he has Umpired our games. Ron wins the Favourite Umpire Award every year and the undying gratitude of every Tournament Director. Take a few seconds to say hello to Ron before your next at bat - we are so lucky to have him as part of our league. For someone with such a low strike zone he is a giant among us all. Thanks from all of us for everything you do Ron!

  OBA Leaders
Just Get on Base!!
Our OBA Leaders
Smart Hitter Team Avg.
Vollans Doug JS 0.849
Ford Darryl DD 0.836
Evinou Ron DD 0.823
Rogers Chris BOHC 0.819
Jones Roy IT 0.796
Roseneck Kevin ZOLO 0.787
McIntyre Scott CM 0.783
Bero Stephen VF 0.772
Gibbs Mike VF 0.770
Drexler Michael TL 0.759
Teolis Jeff CST 0.748
Koritko Steve CBBR 0.747
Marsh Neil VA 0.747
Leyland  Steve CST 0.746
DeSantis David BG 0.745
Verdone Gary BOHC 0.743
Green  Rob DC 0.738
Alley Murray VF 0.737
Fisher Tim JA 0.737
Skoretz Peter DD 0.734
Maycock Mike DC 0.733
Burr Chris CBBR 0.732
Conick Peter L3M 0.729
Kobryn Randy CM 0.728
McKay Rick DD 0.727
McGrath Paul BG 0.727
Latendresse Dale CST 0.723
McDonnell Andrew  TL 0.722
Wittig Ethan ME 0.716
Martin Andrew BOHC 0.713
Noble Richard DD 0.702
Lutz Derek TL 0.702
Porkolab Michael JA 0.692
Nussbaum Brad ME 0.691
Sinclair Scott IT 0.690
Stewart John TL 0.686
Perris Tom DD 0.686
Proctor Michael CM 0.685
Carson Ryan TL 0.683
Rankin Mark DC 0.681
Close Kerry JA 0.680
Rideout Jon JA 0.679
DeDauw   Lee DD 0.679
Gagnon Larry JS 0.677
Boyle Mike DD 0.677
Misener Bill L3M 0.676
Campbell John TL 0.674
Gedeon Dave DC 0.673
Gallant Joe ME 0.673
Meahan Ed VA 0.671
Britton Trevor L3M 0.671
Stuart Todd  BOHC 0.670
(as at September 7) Not all batters shown...

Record Holders:
.849 - Doug Vollans (2014)
.799 - Doug Vollans (2013)

Larry Gagnon
Larry Gagnon
This is Larry's 6th year serving as a Board Member and his 2nd (and final) serving as President of our league. It's been an absolute pleasure working with him on the Board and playing for him as a team Captain. Larry managed our Tournaments for three seasons and made several changes that have helped all of us. He is the one that initiated stocking Defibrilators at each of our parks. Larry also changed procedures allowing us all to drink beer anywhere in the park at tournaments! We all know to back up to the fence when he's at bat (He swings the bat so hard you can hear it hum). Larry discovered pitching a few seasons ago and has learned where to pitch every one of us now. He's the only pitcher that uses a knuckle ball on the third strike. Six seasons is a lot of volunteer work guys - he did such a great job!

Bobby Grenier
Bobby Grenier
This is Mr. Grenier's 29th season with BOSL. Always a gentleman, 73 yr-old Robert is one of the few players that remember playing in Black & White with wooden bats :-) -- Bobby wins the Oldtimer of the Year just about EVERY year! Not just because he still hits well and runs the bases every game - it's because he's the elder we all respect. The teammate we all love to see at the park each summer and he looks just the same today as he did in his 2002 photo. Bob won his Bob Brown Award in 2000 and will win his second in 2015! Say hello to Bob next time you play against him - if you are not sure who he is - Bob has the strongest hand shake out there! He also has his elbows up on the dance floor so watch out. Keep that batting average up Bob and thanks so much for playing with us all!!

Tom Clancy
Tom Clancy
Tom was voted Oldtimer of the Year (Willard Pilatzke Award) in 2011 after serving as the Membership (and tournament) Director for his second season. He was a welcome member of the Board of Directors from 2009-2012 and then he and his wife Joy helped transition the tourney over to Larry Gagnon. Tom is a 600+ hitter and starting pitcher and has been co-captain along with John Bowers winning the Mid-Season tournament last year (2013 - L3M) This is Tom's 11th season with us and although he's now enjoying Florida in the off-season we hope Tom will hang in with us for 15 at least!

  PITCHING Leaders
Pitching is not easy!!
Our PITCHING Leaders
Tough Pitcher Team ERA
Greg Moore BOHC 12.6
Peter Woodhouse CBBR 12.9
Chad Blackmore CM 13.4
Ron Waller IT 13.7
John Gibson JS 14.0
Scott Sinclair IT 14.1
Lee Labonte BOHC 14.5
Kerry Close JA 14.6
Larry Gagnon  JS 14.9
Rocco Lombardo  BG 15.0
Tom Clancy L3M 15.0
Peter Dovey DC 15.2
Lee DeDauw DD 15.7
Murray Alley VF 15.8
Larry Beatty TL 15.8
John Vinnai  VA 15.9
Larry Uniac VF 16.0
Brian Murphy CST 16.6
Kevin Roseneck ZOLO 16.8
Ron Vandermeulen ME 17.2
Jerry Weninger JA 17.8
Mark Flood TL 18.4
Shane Nevills CST 19.6
John Rotondo BG 20.3

Record Holders:
9.6 - Kevin Roseneck (2013)

12.6 - Greg Moore (2014)
Hitters - minus the power
Keepin it in the Park
Top Hitters (without HRs)
Smart Hitter Team Avg.
Leyland  Steve CST 0.746
Skoretz Peter DD 0.734
Kobryn Randy CM 0.728
Sinclair Scott IT 0.690
Campbell John TL 0.674
Gallant Joe ME 0.673
Gibson John JS 0.669
MacLeod Rod ZOLO 0.663
Fox Rick JS 0.660
Horton Jeff VF 0.653
Veerman Mike VF 0.646
Starr Mike DC 0.643
Mattiacci Nick ZOLO 0.634
Chapman Jeff VA 0.630
Krummenacher Richard DC 0.625
Ritchie Paul DD 0.620
Medeiros Joe VA 0.612
Afelskie Peter DC 0.612
Rivard John CBBR 0.612
Blore Don VA 0.605
Gilligan Kevin TL 0.601
Porteous   David ME 0.597
Kitchen Michael CM 0.596
Cudmore Rick L3M 0.590
Houle Robert ZOLO 0.588
Hunter Don DC 0.587
Caputo Mario CM 0.586
Rotondo John BG 0.585
(as at September 7) Not all batters shown...

Record Holders:
.746 - Steve Leyland (2014)
.718 - Tom Perris (2013)

John Andersen
John Andersen (CM)
John became a Director in 2010 and has been managing our League's jerseys and equipment ever since. He's taken old bats home and re-gripped them himself. He mends the broken bases until we need new ones and makes sure the home base plates are not falling apart each season. John looks after the details like league bat certification and has been a discipline director for years as well. He's a fun and fair team captain and a threat at short stop and always a 700 hitter. John is very good at helping the new players find their swing - a good coach. We should call him Mr. Baseball because he does it all for us as a volunteer. This is John's 14th season with us all and I hope he stays for many, many more. Another of BOSLs best people - thanks for being a team Captain again John and for all the hard work you do for us all - it doesn't go unnoticed!!

Mike Porkolab
Mike Porkolab (JA)
This is Mike's 10th season with us at BOSL. He's an All-Star outfielder and a feared HR-hitter. As a player, captain and sponsor of BOSL, he's respected by everyone. Mike won the Dave Little Award twice with his Better Bitters teams in 08 and 11. As President of the league for three seasons 2010-2012 he brought in (or re-defined) SPO tie-breaking rules, and introduced Heat-Outs. I think it rained on most of the tournaments under his watch but to his credit he did bring about the Andy Smith Award, crediting one of BOSL's greatest! Please introduce yourself to Mike next time you play Jerry's - he's one of BOSLs best people and is usually coaching third.

Ron Fuller
Ron Fuller
Unfortunately for all of us, Ron quietly withdrew from BOSL after giving it a try for the first couple games. At 79 years, he had everyone's respect and for good reason. His career batting avg was .570 and was known for great speed. He plays like he's 39 and with a smile on his face. This was going to be his 19th season. Ron had two hips replaced keeping him out last year but he was the first player to register for 2014 and he bought a brand new bat at our stag last week in anticipation of the comeback. He received the Bob Brown Award in 2010 and the Keith Dunlop Award for exemplary on-field sportsmanship. You will be missed Ron!

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