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BOSL NEWS – Our 2013 Leaders in the Stats department - (Final September 13, 2013)

Home Run Leaders
Paul Jamieson - 72 homers in 2004
Our HOME RUN Leaders
Big Hitter Team HRs
Vollans Doug JJ 55
Jones Roy RONA 43
Roseneck Kevin ZOLO 42
Rogers Chris ME 40
Ford Darryl GLH 39
Koritko Steve RONA 31
Bero Stephen TL 30
McGrath Paul JA 27
Fisher Tim CBBR 25
Gibbs Mike TL 22
Blackmore Chad CM 21
Elkins Kevin ZOLO 21
Craigie Brent BG 17
Dake Randy CBBR 17
Marsh Neil CBBR 17
Rombough Dave CM 16
Wittig Ethan DC 16
Evinou Ron DD 15
McIntyre Scott ZOLO 15
Proctor Michael TL 15
McKay Rick MC 14
Bujarsky Craig CST 12
McDonnell Andrew  JA 12
Parker Todd DC 12
Popovacki Nick GLH 12
Gedeon Dave BG 11
Moore Stephen ZOLO 10
Verdone Gary BG 10
Conick Peter DC 8
Gagnon Larry TL 7
Radke Donald CST 7
Costello Kevin JJ 6
Gerrity Jason TL 6
Hodgson Jeff CST 6
Horning Michael L3M 6
Palmer Jeff ME 6
Schmidt Erich ZOLO 5
Silva Mike BOHC 5
Andersen John CM 4
Bowers John L3M 4
Close Kerry DD 4
Drexler Jr. Michael BOHC 4
Latendresse Dale CST 4
Noble Richard CM 4
Vachal Jamie MC 4
Chedore Mike RONA 3
Hindley Jim  CBBR 3
MacPhee Shane MC 3
Martin Andrew ME 3
Matthews Jon DD 3
Porkolab   Michael JA 3
vanOosterhout John ZOLO 3
Wootton Ken GLH 3
(as at September 13)

Home Runs - 2
Stuck at 2
Struggling HOME RUN Hitters
Frustrated HR Hitter Team HRs
Allard Paul DC 2
Ciccone Michael ZOLO 2
DeSantis David BG 2
Fraguas Luis  BOHC 2
Mueller Lance CM 2
(as at September 13)
  Home Run Leaders
Getting on base!
Our OBA Leaders
Smart Hitter Team Avg
Vollans Doug JJ 0.799
Roseneck Kevin ZOLO 0.780
Jones Roy RONA 0.774
Rogers Chris ME 0.764
Ford Darryl GLH 0.761
McGrath Paul JA 0.758
Wittig Ethan DC 0.743
Perris Tom L3M 0.718
McIntyre Scott ZOLO 0.698
Gibbs Mike TL 0.698
Bero Stephen TL 0.696
Burr Chris DC 0.690
Palmer Jeff ME 0.688
Proctor Michael TL 0.687
Alley Murray TL 0.686
Green  Rob CM 0.685
McKay Rick MC 0.683
Lutz Derek MC 0.682
Porkolab   Michael JA 0.682
Brown Greg MC 0.678
Krummen. Richard DC 0.671
DeSantis David BG 0.671
Marsh Neil CBBR 0.669
Evinou Ron DD 0.667
Wetherald David ME 0.667
Craigie Brent BG 0.662
Parker Todd DC 0.662
O'Shaughn. Gerry BG 0.660
Verdone Gary BG 0.659
Hayes Brian CBBR 0.658
Moore Stephen ZOLO 0.655
DeDauw   Lee JJ 0.653
Radke Donald CST 0.652
Meahan Ed BOHC 0.650

Home Runs - just 1
Got Lucky I Guess Team HRs
Blore Don CBBR 1
Davidson Kyle DD 1
Durnford Dan CBBR 1
Elliott Jerry BOHC 1
Fascinato Randy DC 1
Green  Rob CM 1
Hunter Don RONA 1
Kitchen Michael CM 1
Kobryn Randy JA 1
Lutz Derek MC 1
MacLeod Rod ZOLO 1
McCullough Richard TL 1
Moore Greg ME 1
Musitano Angelo CBBR 1
Rivard John CBBR 1
Robertson Dan JJ 1
Scrimshaw Jim ME 1
Stewart    John ZOLO 1
Vandermeulen  Ron ME 1
Veres David L3M 1
Westmoreland Rhys ZOLO 1
Wright  Mike MC 1
Young Scott TL 1
(as at September 13)
  PITCHING Leaders
Pitching is not easy!!
Our PITCHING Leaders
Tough Pitcher Team ERA
Kevin Roseneck ZOLO 9.6
Rocco Lombardo BG 10.4
Jim Craig GLH 12.2
Lee DeDauw JJ 12.6
Ron Vandermeulen ME 12.7
Tim Fisher CBBR 12.9
Frank Simpson DC 13.2
Lee Labonte MC 13.7
Larry Beatty BOHC 13.9
Mark Flood TL 13.9
Lawrence Uniac RONA 14.0
(as at Sept 6) Not all pitchers shown...

Hitters - less the power
Top Hitters (without HRs)
Player Team Attn.
Perris Tom L3M 0.718
Burr Chris DC 0.690
Alley Murray TL 0.686
Brown Greg MC 0.678
Krummen. Richard DC 0.671
Wetherald David ME 0.667
O'Shaughn. Gerry BG 0.660
Hayes Brian CBBR 0.658
DeDauw   Lee JJ 0.653
Meahan Ed BOHC 0.650
Khangura Paul JJ 0.648
Skoretz Peter BOHC 0.644
Murphy Brian CST 0.637
Soucie Dean DC 0.637
Serafini Joe RONA 0.636
Leifso Brock DC 0.634
Sinclair Scott RONA 0.633
Dunlop Lane ME 0.630
Celi Joe DC 0.629
Fox Rick GLH 0.627
Cudmore Rick BOHC 0.623
Gallant Joe L3M 0.622
Beatty Larry BOHC 0.622
Brown Steve DD 0.621
Oleskiw Peter BG 0.617
(as at September 13) Keepin it in the Park
Mike (Moose) Wright (MC)
Mike (Moose) Wright (MC)
They call him the Moose. Mike just turned 50 this season but he seems to be playing as well as he always has :-) Having joined us in 1998, Mike received his Bob Brown Award just last year. He also received the Willard Pilatzke Oldtimer of the Year Award and the Warner Thomas Memorial Award for Captain of the year in 2008. He's an All-Star third baseman and always a threat for HRs. Mike was my first Captain when I joined BOSL and he gave me some good advice back then when I asked him which field I should try to hit to... (Just hit the ball!!). Mike is another first class person in this league that you should meet and we're so glad he has stuck with us while battling injuries.
Jim Craig
Jim Craig (GLH)
Don't let the face scare you... 67 yr old Jim is a 22 year BOSL veteran having received his Bob Brown award in 2006. He served as a Board of Director from 2000 to 2006 and has served as a co-captain for many seasons. Jim won the Willard Pilatzke Memorial Award for Oldtimer of the Year in 2005 and the Warner Thomas Memorial Award for Captain of the year along with Bob Lancaster in 2004. Jim also won the Keith Dunlop Award for Sportsmanship in 2005. We've run out of awards to present to Jim! Every year he hurts another part of his body but he keeps on coming out to play with us. Rumour has it, he donates half his salary to his physiotherapist. Energizer bunny Jim still hits very well - has a great bat and is one of our top 10 pitchers. We're lucky to have Mr Craig with us - he is responsible for literally dozens of current Oldtimers playing in the league with his strong-armed recruiting tactics!

Robert Ferguson (ZOLO)
Robert Ferguson (ZOLO)
Hall-of-Famer Bob Ferguson received his Bob Brown Award just last year having joined us in 1998 - just look at the old photo of Bob in 2002 - how time flies! Always generous, he and his wife Pam open their doors for the team party every season. Bob was Most Valuable Oldtimer for his team in 2011. He has a great attitude and exemplifies the age-old league slogan - fun and fellowship. He's hitting over 500 right now so that's better than half of us... keep this quiet but he always takes the first pitch :-)

Paul Ritchie
Paul Ritchie (DD)
Paul joined BOSL 22 years ago having won his Bob Brown award in 2005. Paul served as a Board of Director from 1993 to 1999 and as President of the league for one term. Always a candidate for Most Valuable Oldtimer and our Oldtimer of the Year Award, Paul is fun to play with and against, hits anywhere and has good speed. He has a great attitude and exemplifies sportsmanship in BOSL. Paul talked me into re-joining the league when he was registration director and I'm glad he did.

Dave Little
Dave Little (L3M)
This will be Dave's 27th year playing with BOSL! He has been a member of the League since 1987; served on the Board 1989–1999; 3 terms as President 1993 – 1995; captained teams several times; has an award in his honour; and in his own words, still an active player with diminishing skills but as always enjoying tremendously the camaraderie and fellowship of the best baseball league anywhere. 67-year-old Dave is currently hitting around .500 -- Always a great pleasure to see you out there with us Dave!
    Brian Bodnarok (JJ)
Brian Bodnarok (JJ)
This is Brian's 12th season with us at BOSL. He's an All-Star first baseman and always a .500+ hitter. Most of us know Brian as the Official Clothier of the league through his business - CST Marketing - he also plays hockey with us at BOHC. Brian is a long-time team sponsor as well - thank you for that! He is another example of the fantastic people you should introduce yourself to here at BOSL if you haven't already talked to him while at 1B.
Gary Verdone (BG)
Gary Verdone (BG)
Hall-of-Fame short-stop Gary Verdone has been a first round draft pick since his first season in 1990. He is second for the BOSL Home Run season record with 70 and likely batted 1000 as well. Gary received his Bob Brown award in 2004. He won the Willard Pilatzke Memorial Award for Oldtimer of the Year in 2009. He has been on many winning teams but won his Andy Smith Award in 2001 co-captaining with Randy Dake and the Warner Thomas Memorial Award for Captain of the year in 2003. He also won the Dave Little Award of excellence with Randy in 2001 & 2002! Gary served on the Board from 1996 to 1998. Looks like the only Award Gary has not received is the Keith Dunlop Award for Sportsmanship - which must mean the Umps don't like him :-). Always smiling, Gary is a pure athlete and a gentleman - one of the most respected (and feared) players we've ever had and one of the few that seem to be able to turn triple-plays!
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