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2019 Regular Season – League Schedule & Scores
Schedule updated May 3, 2019

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G Date Park Time V Score H Score
1Mon May 04Nelson6:30 PMTeam50Team110
1Tues May 05Sher D39:30 PMTeam90Team160
1Tues May 05Sher D38:00 PMTeam70Team10
1Tues May 05Sher D36:30 PMTeam150Team140
1Tues May 05Nelson8:00 PMTeam120Team100
1Tues May 05Nelson6:30 PMTeam60Team40
1Tues May 05Millcroft6:30 PMTeam130Team30
1Mon May 04Nelson8:00 PMTeam80Team20
2Thurs May 07Sher D39:30 PMTeam70Team20
2Thurs May 07Sher D38:00 PMTeam30Team50
2Thurs May 07Sher D36:30 PMTeam120Team10
2Thurs May 07Nelson8:00 PMTeam90Team140
2Thurs May 07Nelson6:30 PMTeam160Team100
2Thurs May 07Millcroft6:30 PMTeam60Team110
2Wed May 06Nelson8:00 PMTeam80Team130
2Wed May 06Nelson6:30 PMTeam150Team40
3Tues May 12Sher D39:30 PMTeam60Team50
3Tues May 12Sher D38:00 PMTeam110Team150
3Tues May 12Sher D36:30 PMTeam160Team10
3Tues May 12Nelson8:00 PMTeam20Team120
3Tues May 12Nelson6:30 PMTeam100Team140
3Tues May 12Millcroft6:30 PMTeam80Team30
3Mon May 11Nelson8:00 PMTeam40Team90
3Mon May 11Nelson6:30 PMTeam130Team70
4Thurs May 14Sher D39:30 PMTeam100Team40
4Thurs May 14Sher D38:00 PMTeam140Team10
4Thurs May 14Sher D36:30 PMTeam70Team80
4Thurs May 14Nelson8:00 PMTeam20Team160
4Thurs May 14Nelson6:30 PMTeam60Team30
4Thurs May 14Millcroft6:30 PMTeam120Team130
4Wed May 13Nelson8:00 PMTeam150Team50
4Wed May 13Nelson6:30 PMTeam110Team90
5Tues May 19Sher D39:30 PMTeam130Team160
5Tues May 19Sher D38:00 PMTeam100Team110
5Tues May 19Sher D36:30 PMTeam70Team30
5Tues May 19Nelson8:00 PMTeam150Team60
5Tues May 19Nelson6:30 PMTeam140Team20
5Tues May 19Millcroft6:30 PMTeam10Team40
5Mon May 18Nelson8:00 PMTeam50Team90
5Mon May 18Nelson6:30 PMTeam120Team80
6Thurs May 21Sher D39:30 PMTeam50Team100
6Thurs May 21Sher D38:00 PMTeam10Team110
6Thurs May 21Sher D36:30 PMTeam140Team130
6Thurs May 21Nelson8:00 PMTeam160Team80
6Thurs May 21Nelson6:30 PMTeam30Team150
6Thurs May 21Millcroft6:30 PMTeam40Team20
6Wed May 20Nelson8:00 PMTeam120Team70
6Wed May 20Nelson6:30 PMTeam90Team60
7Tues May 26Sher D39:30 PMTeam90Team150
7Tues May 26Sher D38:00 PMTeam160Team70
7Tues May 26Sher D36:30 PMTeam80Team140
7Tues May 26Nelson8:00 PMTeam40Team130
7Tues May 26Nelson6:30 PMTeam10Team50
7Tues May 26Millcroft6:30 PMTeam120Team30
7Mon May 25Nelson8:00 PMTeam100Team60
7Mon May 25Nelson6:30 PMTeam110Team20
8Thurs May 28Sher D39:30 PMTeam30Team90
8Thurs May 28Sher D38:00 PMTeam80Team40
8Thurs May 28Sher D36:30 PMTeam160Team120
8Thurs May 28Nelson8:00 PMTeam100Team150
8Thurs May 28Nelson6:30 PMTeam140Team70
8Thurs May 28Millcroft6:30 PMTeam130Team110
8Wed May 27Nelson8:00 PMTeam60Team10
8Wed May 27Nelson6:30 PMTeam20Team50
9Tues June 03Sher D39:30 PMTeam10Team150
9Tues June 03Sher D38:00 PMTeam60Team20
9Tues June 03Sher D36:30 PMTeam100Team90
9Tues June 03Nelson8:00 PMTeam70Team40
9Tues June 03Nelson6:30 PMTeam30Team160
9Tues June 03Millcroft6:30 PMTeam110Team80
9Mon June 01Nelson8:00 PMTeam130Team50
9Mon June 01Nelson6:30 PMTeam140Team120
10Thurs June 05Sher D39:30 PMTeam130Team60
10Thurs June 05Sher D38:00 PMTeam100Team30
10Thurs June 05Sher D36:30 PMTeam150Team20
10Thurs June 05Nelson8:00 PMTeam70Team110
10Thurs June 05Nelson6:30 PMTeam140Team160
10Thurs June 05Millcroft6:30 PMTeam10Team90
10Thu June 04Nelson8:00 PMTeam50Team80
10Thu June 04Nelson6:30 PMTeam40Team120
11Tues June 09Sher D39:30 PMTeam110Team120
11Tues June 09Sher D38:00 PMTeam20Team90
11Tues June 09Sher D36:30 PMTeam130Team150
11Tues June 09Nelson8:00 PMTeam10Team100
11Tues June 09Nelson6:30 PMTeam160Team40
11Tues June 09Millcroft6:30 PMTeam70Team50
11Mon June 08Nelson8:00 PMTeam60Team80
11Mon June 08Nelson6:30 PMTeam140Team30
12Thurs June 11Sher D39:30 PMTeam40Team140
12Thurs June 11Sher D38:00 PMTeam70Team60
12Thurs June 11Sher D36:30 PMTeam120Team50
12Thurs June 11Nelson8:00 PMTeam30Team10
12Thurs June 11Nelson6:30 PMTeam90Team130
12Thurs June 11Millcroft6:30 PMTeam150Team80
12Wed June 10Nelson8:00 PMTeam20Team100
12Wed June 10Nelson6:30 PMTeam160Team110
13Tues June 16Sher D39:30 PMTeam10Team120
13Tues June 16Sher D38:00 PMTeam30Team50
13Tues June 16Sher D36:30 PMTeam60Team110
13Tues June 16Nelson8:00 PMTeam80Team130
13Tues June 16Nelson6:30 PMTeam150Team40
13Tues June 16Millcroft6:30 PMTeam90Team140
13Mon June 15Nelson8:00 PMTeam160Team100
13Mon June 15Nelson6:30 PMTeam20Team70
14Thurs June 18Sher D39:30 PMTeam150Team70
14Thurs June 18Sher D38:00 PMTeam30Team40
14Thurs June 18Sher D36:30 PMTeam90Team80
14Thurs June 18Nelson8:00 PMTeam120Team60
14Thurs June 18Nelson6:30 PMTeam10Team20
14Thurs June 18Millcroft6:30 PMTeam160Team50
14Wed June 17Nelson8:00 PMTeam140Team110
14Wed June 17Nelson6:30 PMTeam100Team130
15Tues June 23Sher D39:30 PMTeam60Team160
15Tues June 23Sher D38:00 PMTeam40Team110
15Tues June 23Sher D36:30 PMTeam140Team50
15Tues June 23Nelson8:00 PMTeam20Team30
15Tues June 23Nelson6:30 PMTeam90Team70
15Tues June 23Millcroft6:30 PMTeam80Team100
15Mon June 22Nelson8:00 PMTeam130Team10
15Mon June 22Nelson6:30 PMTeam150Team120
16Thurs June 25Sher D39:30 PMTeam30Team110
16Thurs June 25Sher D38:00 PMTeam160Team150
16Thurs June 25Sher D36:30 PMTeam100Team70
16Thurs June 25Nelson8:00 PMTeam60Team140
16Thurs June 25Nelson6:30 PMTeam10Team80
16Thurs June 25Millcroft6:30 PMTeam50Team40
16Wed June 24Nelson8:00 PMTeam20Team130
16Wed June 24Nelson6:30 PMTeam90Team120
17Tues June 30Sher D39:30 PMTeam30Team130
17Tues June 30Sher D38:00 PMTeam110Team50
17Tues June 30Sher D36:30 PMTeam40Team60
17Tues June 30Nelson8:00 PMTeam160Team90
17Tues June 30Nelson6:30 PMTeam20Team80
17Tues June 30Millcroft6:30 PMTeam100Team120
17Mon June 29Nelson8:00 PMTeam10Team70
17Mon June 29Nelson6:30 PMTeam140Team150
18Thurs July 02Sher D39:30 PMTeam20Team70
18Thurs July 02Sher D38:00 PMTeam100Team160
18Thurs July 02Sher D36:30 PMTeam50Team30
18Thurs July 02Nelson8:00 PMTeam130Team80
18Thurs July 02Nelson6:30 PMTeam110Team60
18Thurs July 02Millcroft6:30 PMTeam140Team90
18Wed July 01Nelson8:00 PMTeam40Team150
18Wed July 01Nelson6:30 PMTeam10Team120
19Tues July 07Sher D39:30 PMTeam140Team100
19Tues July 07Sher D38:00 PMTeam150Team110
19Tues July 07Sher D36:30 PMTeam30Team80
19Tues July 07Nelson8:00 PMTeam90Team40
19Tues July 07Nelson6:30 PMTeam70Team130
19Tues July 07Millcroft6:30 PMTeam120Team20
19Mon July 06Nelson8:00 PMTeam50Team60
19Mon July 06Nelson6:30 PMTeam10Team160
20Thurs July 09Sher D39:30 PMTeam10Team140
20Thurs July 09Sher D38:00 PMTeam30Team60
20Thurs July 09Sher D36:30 PMTeam130Team120
20Thurs July 09Nelson8:00 PMTeam80Team70
20Thurs July 09Nelson6:30 PMTeam50Team150
20Thurs July 09Millcroft6:30 PMTeam160Team20
20Wed July 08Nelson8:00 PMTeam90Team110
20Wed July 08Nelson6:30 PMTeam40Team100
21Tues July 14Sher D39:30 PMTeam80Team120
21Tues July 14Sher D38:00 PMTeam60Team150
21Tues July 14Sher D36:30 PMTeam90Team50
21Tues July 14Nelson8:00 PMTeam40Team10
21Tues July 14Nelson6:30 PMTeam30Team70
21Tues July 14Millcroft6:30 PMTeam160Team130
21Mon July 13Nelson8:00 PMTeam20Team140
21Mon July 13Nelson6:30 PMTeam110Team100
22Thurs July 16Sher D39:30 PMTeam60Team90
22Thurs July 16Sher D38:00 PMTeam130Team140
22Thurs July 16Sher D36:30 PMTeam110Team10
22Thurs July 16Nelson8:00 PMTeam70Team120
22Thurs July 16Nelson6:30 PMTeam20Team40
22Thurs July 16Millcroft6:30 PMTeam100Team50
22Wed July 15Nelson8:00 PMTeam80Team160
22Wed July 15Nelson6:30 PMTeam150Team30
23Tues July 21Sher D39:30 PMTeam70Team160
23Tues July 21Sher D38:00 PMTeam140Team80
23Tues July 21Sher D36:30 PMTeam20Team110
23Tues July 21Nelson8:00 PMTeam30Team120
23Tues July 21Nelson6:30 PMTeam50Team10
23Tues July 21Millcroft6:30 PMTeam60Team100
23Mon July 20Nelson8:00 PMTeam150Team90
23Mon July 20Nelson6:30 PMTeam130Team40
24Thurs July 23Sher D39:30 PMTeam40Team80
24Thurs July 23Sher D38:00 PMTeam150Team100
24Thurs July 23Sher D36:30 PMTeam50Team20
24Thurs July 23Nelson8:00 PMTeam120Team160
24Thurs July 23Nelson6:30 PMTeam110Team130
24Thurs July 23Millcroft6:30 PMTeam10Team60
24Wed July 22Nelson8:00 PMTeam70Team140
24Wed July 22Nelson6:30 PMTeam90Team30
25Tues July 28Sher D39:30 PMTeam80Team110
25Tues July 28Sher D38:00 PMTeam40Team70
25Tues July 28Sher D36:30 PMTeam160Team30
25Tues July 28Nelson8:00 PMTeam50Team130
25Tues July 28Nelson6:30 PMTeam150Team10
25Tues July 28Millcroft6:30 PMTeam20Team60
25Mon July 27Nelson8:00 PMTeam120Team140
25Mon July 27Nelson6:30 PMTeam90Team100
26Thurs July 30Sher D39:30 PMTeam30Team100
26Thurs July 30Sher D38:00 PMTeam60Team130
26Thurs July 30Sher D36:30 PMTeam120Team40
26Thurs July 30Nelson8:00 PMTeam160Team140
26Thurs July 30Nelson6:30 PMTeam90Team10
26Thurs July 30Millcroft6:30 PMTeam110Team70
26Wed July 29Nelson8:00 PMTeam20Team150
26Wed July 29Nelson6:30 PMTeam80Team50
27Tues Aug 04Sher D39:30 PMTeam150Team130
27Tues Aug 04Sher D38:00 PMTeam90Team20
27Tues Aug 04Sher D36:30 PMTeam80Team60
27Tues Aug 04Nelson8:00 PMTeam50Team70
27Tues Aug 04Nelson6:30 PMTeam120Team110
27Tues Aug 04Millcroft6:30 PMTeam30Team140
27Mon Aug 03Nelson8:00 PMTeam100Team10
27Mon Aug 03Nelson6:30 PMTeam40Team160
28Thurs Aug 06Sher D39:30 PMTeam60Team70
28Thurs Aug 06Sher D38:00 PMTeam50Team120
28Thurs Aug 06Sher D36:30 PMTeam130Team90
28Thurs Aug 06Nelson8:00 PMTeam140Team40
28Thurs Aug 06Nelson6:30 PMTeam100Team20
28Thurs Aug 06Millcroft6:30 PMTeam80Team150
28Wed Aug 05Nelson8:00 PMTeam10Team30
28Wed Aug 05Nelson6:30 PMTeam110Team160
29Tues Aug 11Sher D39:30 PMTeam110Team140
29Tues Aug 11Sher D38:00 PMTeam80Team90
29Tues Aug 11Sher D36:30 PMTeam130Team100
29Tues Aug 11Nelson8:00 PMTeam20Team10
29Tues Aug 11Nelson6:30 PMTeam50Team160
29Tues Aug 11Millcroft6:30 PMTeam70Team150
29Mon Aug 10Nelson8:00 PMTeam40Team30
29Mon Aug 10Nelson6:30 PMTeam60Team120
30Thurs Aug 13Sher D39:30 PMTeam10Team130
30Thurs Aug 13Sher D38:00 PMTeam120Team150
30Thurs Aug 13Sher D36:30 PMTeam30Team20
30Thurs Aug 13Nelson8:00 PMTeam110Team40
30Thurs Aug 13Nelson6:30 PMTeam100Team80
30Thurs Aug 13Millcroft6:30 PMTeam70Team90
30Wed Aug 12Nelson8:00 PMTeam50Team140
30Wed Aug 12Nelson6:30 PMTeam160Team60
31Tues Aug 18Sher D39:30 PMTeam40Team50
31Tues Aug 18Sher D38:00 PMTeam120Team90
31Tues Aug 18Sher D36:30 PMTeam80Team10
31Tues Aug 18Nelson8:00 PMTeam70Team100
31Tues Aug 18Nelson6:30 PMTeam130Team20
31Tues Aug 18Millcroft6:30 PMTeam140Team60
31Mon Aug 17Nelson8:00 PMTeam110Team30
31Mon Aug 17Nelson6:30 PMTeam150Team160
32Thurs Aug 20Sher D39:30 PMTeam110Team50
32Thurs Aug 20Sher D38:00 PMTeam90Team160
32Thurs Aug 20Sher D36:30 PMTeam80Team20
32Thurs Aug 20Nelson8:00 PMTeam150Team140
32Thurs Aug 20Nelson6:30 PMTeam40Team60
32Thurs Aug 20Millcroft6:30 PMTeam70Team10
32Wed Aug 19Nelson8:00 PMTeam30Team130
32Wed Aug 19Nelson6:30 PMTeam120Team100
33Tues Aug 25Sher D39:30 PMTeam10Team120
33Tues Aug 25Sher D38:00 PMTeam30Team50
33Tues Aug 25Sher D36:30 PMTeam60Team110
33Tues Aug 25Nelson8:00 PMTeam80Team130
33Tues Aug 25Nelson6:30 PMTeam150Team40
33Tues Aug 25Millcroft6:30 PMTeam90Team140
33Mon Aug 24Nelson8:00 PMTeam160Team100
33Mon Aug 24Nelson6:30 PMTeam20Team70
34Thurs Aug 27Sher D39:30 PMTeam20Team120
34Thurs Aug 27Sher D38:00 PMTeam60Team50
34Thurs Aug 27Sher D36:30 PMTeam40Team90
34Thurs Aug 27Nelson8:00 PMTeam80Team30
34Thurs Aug 27Nelson6:30 PMTeam100Team140
34Thurs Aug 27Millcroft6:30 PMTeam110Team150
34Wed Aug 26Nelson8:00 PMTeam160Team10
34Wed Aug 26Nelson6:30 PMTeam130Team70
35Tues Sept 01Sher D39:30 PMTeam100Team40
35Tues Sept 01Sher D38:00 PMTeam130Team120
35Tues Sept 01Sher D36:30 PMTeam140Team10
35Tues Sept 01Nelson8:00 PMTeam110Team90
35Tues Sept 01Nelson6:30 PMTeam50Team150
35Tues Sept 01Millcroft6:30 PMTeam20Team160
35Mon Aug 31Nelson8:00 PMTeam70Team80
35Mon Aug 31Nelson6:30 PMTeam30Team60
36Thurs Sept 03Sher D39:30 PMTeam140Team20
36Thurs Sept 03Sher D38:00 PMTeam120Team150
36Thurs Sept 03Sher D36:30 PMTeam130Team160
36Thurs Sept 03Nelson8:00 PMTeam50Team90
36Thurs Sept 03Nelson6:30 PMTeam100Team110
36Thurs Sept 03Millcroft6:30 PMTeam10Team40
36Wed Sept 02Nelson8:00 PMTeam60Team80
36Wed Sept 02Nelson6:30 PMTeam70Team30
37Tues Sept 08Sher D39:30 PMTeam90Team160
37Tues Sept 08Sher D38:00 PMTeam70Team10
37Tues Sept 08Sher D36:30 PMTeam150Team140
37Tues Sept 08Nelson8:00 PMTeam120Team100
37Tues Sept 08Nelson6:30 PMTeam60Team40
37Tues Sept 08Millcroft6:30 PMTeam130Team30
37Mon Sept 7Nelson8:00 PMTeam80Team20
37Mon Sept 7Nelson6:30 PMTeam50Team110
38Thurs Sept 10Sher D38:00 PMTeam20Team50
38Thurs Sept 10Sher D36:30 PMTeam120Team10
38Thurs Sept 10Nelson8:00 PMTeam90Team140
38Thurs Sept 10Nelson6:30 PMTeam160Team100
38Thurs Sept 10Millcroft6:30 PMTeam60Team110
38Wed Sept 09Nelson8:00 PMTeam80Team130
38Wed Sept 09Nelson6:30 PMTeam150Team40
38Thurs Sept 10Sher D39:30 PMTeam70Team30
  Sept 6-8 Sherwood   Season-Ending Tourney
  Sat, Sep 21 Polish Hall 5:00 PM Awards Night    
  Thurs, Oct 24 Hector's 6:30 PM Annual General Meeting