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If you want it to rain,
get Mike Porkolab to be your
Tournament Director. 
~Tom Clancy

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Champions - BDO

Jerry's Automotive

Top row: John Christmas, Wayne Denman, Kim Bickle, Nick Mattiacci, Greg Moore, Mel Gideon, Rob Paul
Bottom Row: Randy Dake, Gary Verdone, Larry Baker
BDO Dunwoody

Jerry's Automotive

Top row: Milan Gideon, Bob Paul, Ed Koopman, Randy Dake (C)
Middle Row: Kim Bickle, John Christmas, Nick Mattiacci, Bruce Brown
Bottom Row: Greg Moore, Bill Parry, Larry Baker, Gary Verdone (C)
Better Bitters Brewing Co.
Better Bitters Brewing Co.

Burlington Pizza
Gator Ted's Tap & Grill

Top Row: Larry Seamon, Gary Bourgeois
Third Row: Murray Stewart (C), Terry Thorpe
Second Row: John Campbell (C), Colin Kavanagh, Kevin Wasson, Terry Hancock
First Row: Driffield Cameron, Rick Ward, Dane Rimmer, Lou Piovesan

Gator Ted's

Gator Teds

Top row: Jeff Palmer, ???, John Rivard, ???, ???
Middle Row: Joe McGregor, ???, Bob, Steve Press, Barry Gauntlett
Bottom Row: Tom Moffatt, Jim Craig, Jessie, ???, ???
Jerry's Automotive

Jerry's Automotive

Top row: Dave Roberts, Derek Lutz, Dan Cramner, Jerry Weninger, Rod McLeod
Middle Row: Paul Bindner, Mario Caputo, ???, ???
Bottom Row: Ron Fuller, ???, Doug Haines, ???, Bubba Miller

Can you identify any of these pioneers? Let me know and I will update the names - thanks!

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