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Please support our

Please support our

BOSL Mini Charity Slo-Pitch Tournament 2017

Beat up on the BOARD !
Beat up on the BOARD - Saturday, August 12, 2017, 1 day charity tournament.


Thanks to all of you that participated in our mini-tournament last week. The original idea (thanks Steve Bourke) was created to allow for a quick tournament where you get to play with new teammates and do what we do best for one day.

This year’s Beat The Board tourney raised $1672 for our charity – The Burlington Food Bank, and this was thanks to the seven Sponsors who stepped up and to all of you that participated. Special thanks go out to John Rotondo for running our 50/50 draw, to Paul Ritchie who donated his 50/50 winnings ($200) to charity and to our volunteers – Brian Blume, John Andersen, Megan Barrow, Brad Serena, Michelle Lee and John Rotondo.

Team EPK beat team Carson Law in the Championship and The Board took L3M in the Consolation even though everyone beat the Board. We were lucky to miss or steer around the rain that afternoon. Next year we will order MORE PIZZA :-) and maybe a salad or two.

Keep participating guys!


Carson Law EPK Training Solutions The BOARD L3M Freight Solutions
Carson Law EPK Training Lougheed Heating/Cooling L3M Freight Solutions
Aivazian, Gabe
Alley, Murray
Carson, Ryan (C)
Celi, Joe
Conick, Peter (P)
Cruz, Rikki
Fascinato, Randy
Hadley, Kyle (P)
Kuppuswamy, Heman 
McDonnell, Andy
Ross, Roger
Schankula, Jarrod
Tolley, Mark
Okeane, Brian
Andersen, Darren
Blackmore, Chad (P)
Church, Chris
Fox, Sandy
Green, Rob
Holubeshen, Dave
Jesso, Willy
Judge, Aaron
Kobryn, Randy
Medeiros, Joe
Ollesch, Jason
Paskal, Terry (P)
Rankin, Mark
Winstanley, Peter
Beatty, Larry (P)
Cameron, Scot (P)
Ciccone, Michael
Evinou, Ron
Dostal, Steve
Hindley, Jim (C)
Latendresse, Dale
Leyland, Steve
Maycock, Mike (P)
Radke, Don
Rowsell, Steve (P)
Sinclair, Scott (P)
Starr, Mike
Stewart, Murray
Ritchie, Paul (Mgr)
Baxby, Glen (C)
Bourke, Steve (P)
Bowers, John
Drex (P)
Elkins, Kevin
Gauntlett, Barry
Hazeldine, Brad
Jones, Roy
Joyner, Paul
Morrison, Andy
Noble, Rich
Rotondo, John (P)
Vos, Michael
Young, Scott


9:30 AM 9:30 AM
Round 1 Diamond B (D2) Round 1 Diamond C (D1)
LHC L3M Carson Law EPK
11:30 AM 11:30 AM
Round 2 Diamond B (D2) Round 2 Diamond C (D1)
L3M Carson Law EPK LHC
Lunch Break Lunch Break
2:30 PM 2:30 PM
Round 3 Diamond B (D2) Round 3 Diamond C (D1)
LHC Carson Law L3M EPK
4:30 PM 4:30 PM
Championship Diamond B (D2) Championship Diamond C (D1)
Runs ++ Runs ++ Runs -- Runs --

First and foremost the tournament is a pay to play format including the board members, we will open the registration to allow for 4 teams of 14 players per team. The cost will be $35 per person (board members pay as well of course) which will cover the costs of the diamonds, umpires, balls and any other peripherals and the balance will go to the charity.

We wanted to have a fun way to raise some money for the charity so why not have that fun beating up on the Board in a winner takes all tournament (All = bragging rights)

As the Board has a limited number of players we are going to open up the remaining spots to previous board members to be voted on by the league. We will be reaching out to our retired board members shortly.

We have 7 awesome sponsors who have stepped up and offered to cover some of the costs of the jersey’s which will be a one of a kind keepsake as well. The diamonds will be licensed and the ladies will be onsite to fill your thirst needs. We will also be running 50/50 draws and perhaps a pool to see which team actually does win.

REGISTER BELOW as the spots are limited and registration will be first come first served.


The Mortgage Warrior  Cambridge Mercantile  QB Sports Bar Grill Games  


We would like to thank our sponsors for their support with the mini tournament!

Scot Cameron