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BOSL NEWS – Lost & Found

Baseball players and especially Oldtimers will misplace a glove, leave a jacket or drop a cell phone from time to time. Check back here if you have lost something or if you have found something and would like us to post a note to the league. Note that any FOUND items should be put in the equipment bins at the parks. Check there first for any lost items. Thanks


FOUND at the Year End tourney...

found A pair of sunglasses were left at Brant Hills last night (Thurs). Black with red on the side. David DeSantis has them

This pair of shoes was found at Brant Hills. It appears to belong to one of the teams playing the 6:30pm or 8:00pm game. See steve rowsell if you want them back. Also a glove/sunglasses likely from the same game. We put them in the bin


found at Brant Hills last game


found at the BTB tournament


A brown Rawlings glove was found at Brant Hills last night on the first base side.  The box was already locked, so Steve Rowsell has it with him


Lost – Rawlings glove, black and grey camo, 14”, if found please call Brian at 905 979 0965


Found: at the golf tournament - I have these two items. let me know

lost I forgot ball glove at Nelson park Tuesday game at 6:30 if anyone picked it up play on VA team... Gerald Cochrane
lost Wilson left handers glove, brown, left at Sherwood- park C last Monday June 19th. Tim Hunter
lost Looking for a black Rawlings left hand glove - lost at sherwood during tourney... Jim Hindley
lost Lost: If anyone finds my arm on the field at Sherwood could you please return. I think it fell off the last game played this weekend - Mark Riley (DD)
lost Lost: a watch with a brown leather strap at Nelson 6:30 game on June 7th ... please call John Rivard if found: 905-339-9956. Thanks.
lost Lost: I left my (Eastman I think) pale red 27 ½ oz bat at Sherwood after the 8:00 rained out game, Nick Townsley
found Found: we picked up 2 gloves last Thursday at Nelson, black and brown, we thought it was from someone on our team.  should be in the box at Sherwood .Plus one more from sherwood last night.

found Found: a red sweater and blue jacket at Nelson on Tuesday May 23. Ryan Carson (CL) has both
lost Lost: glove at Nelson on Tuesday May 23.  We were the 6:30 game and I think I might have left it behind on the bench.  It is a Wicked glove black/dark brown. or 289-259-8782
found Found: at Sherwood Park a red hoodie. Brian Murphy (BOHC) has it
found Found: at Nelson Park - team VA's batting lineup pins - in bin at nelson
lost Lost: I left my glasses, they were in a case at Nelson last night after our 8 pm game.- if found please contact Steve Koritko
found Found: I found this bat after our game at Sherwood on Tuesday night. This bat is an Easton Synergy SP145Y100F. Contact John Andersen

lost Lost: My phone at the stag last night - if found please contact Chris Rogers

found Lost: My glove - but you know what - it wasn't a very good glove anyhow! Just keep it green box and I will get a new one
lost Lost: My ability to hit the ball
lost Lost: My knowledge of how to fill in the scoresheets properly
found Found: Best Slo-Pitch League ever

Let us know what you have lost or found and we will post it here for you.

Include your name and contact information