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in case you hit the ball. 
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Lost n Found


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BOSL NEWS – Lost & Found

Baseball players and especially Oldtimers will misplace a glove, leave a jacket or drop a cell phone from time to time. Check back here if you have lost something or if you have found something and would like us to post a note to the league. Note that any FOUND items should be put in the equipment bins at the parks. Check there first for any lost items. Thanks


Have you seen any glasses in the lost and found? I left one pair of black arnette polerized sunglasses at Nelson and a black pair of spy polarized at another field if you see any around could you let me know please - Willi Jesso

found Found - now in our sherwood green bin

found Found at our mid-season tournament - see

found Found at Sherwood after 930 game. Carolina muffler played game before who's is it. I have in my ball bag - mike drexler

found Found: These were left at Sherwood - at mid-season. I have them ...

found Found:at Sherwood - These were left at Sherwood - 1st base side - On Tuesday June 5th. I have left them in the equipment bin at Sherwood...

lost Lost:  this a stretch – but lost a Ring Tues May 29,  Played at Nelson – 6:30 game Tues night and at Qbs later… can't say where or how I lost it as take it off before games and maybe fell out of my truck In case someone came across such I can describe to any finders. Martin Vanderhout
found Found:at Nelson - in the green box now

found Lost: My glove - but you know what - it wasn't a very good glove anyhow! Just keep it green box and I will get a new one
lost Lost: My ability to hit the ball
lost Lost: My knowledge of how to fill in the scoresheets properly
found Found: Best Slo-Pitch League ever

Let us know what you have lost or found and we will post it here for you.

Include your name and contact information