BOSL Golf Day


Bobbleheads Canada

Don't forget to swing hard,
in case you hit the ball. 
~Woodie Held

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Please support our

Please support our

BOSL GOLF Day Rosters – 2018


Do You See Your Name in our Foursomes below?
If not please email us at

Starting Holes  

Hole 1 Scot Cameron (EJ) Hole 10 Byron McCormack (CBBR)
  Randy Grieves  

Jim Drysdale

  John Hodgson      Wayne Spurdens
  Kevin Moody      Brian Inglehart
Hole 1B Bruce Marsh Hole 10B  
  Brian Blume (EJ)    
  Gunther Kashuba    
  Alex Kashuba    
Hole 2 Dylan Daigle (SHL) Hole 11 Rob Bisson (LHC)
  Clay MacLean (SHL)   Chad Blackmore (BOHC)
  Tara Cameron (SHL)   Michelle Serena
  Shannon MacLean (SHL)   Cristine Blackmore
Hole 2B Dave White (SHL) Hole 11B Peter Skoretz (EJ)
  Greg Wignall (SHL)   Cam Leveque
  Kathy Wignall (SHL)   Cam Thomas
  Hilda White (SHL)   John Drover
Hole 3 Mike Ripley (SHL) Hole 12 Larry Beatty (CL)
  Alan Cluderay (SHL)   Ryan Carson (CL)
  Lynn Forsyth (SHL)   Steve Leyland (DC)
  Nina Pagnotta (SHL)   David Ament
Hole 3B Jesus Munoz (SHL) Hole 12B Peter Winstanley (DC)
  Dave Malcolmson (SHL)   Randy Kobryn (EJ)
      Steven Winstanley
      Brad Kobryn
Hole 4 Steve Bourke (VF) Hole 13 John Andersen (PLR)
  Scott Young (VF)   Bobby Hill (BC)
  Al Elliott (VF)   Lee Labonte (BC)
  Mike Proctor (VF)   Paul Bindner
Hole 4B Joe Gallant (VF) Hole 13B  
  Tracie Gallant    
  Braden Gallant    
  Rob Gallant    
Hole 5 Maurice Vanderhout (VF) Hole 14 Darryl Holditch (CM)
  Dave Holubeshen (LHC)   Kevin McArthur
  Muriel Holubeshen   Sheri Bizarro
  Leslie Auger   Wendy McArthur
Hole 5B Steve Bero (VF) Hole 14B Adam Harild (CM)
  Jay Lemay (VF)   Chuck Hines (CM)
  Joanne Bero   Jason Ollesch (CM)
  Nancy Lemay   (CM)
Hole 6 Steve McCutcheon (VF) Hole 15 Scott Sinclair (L3M)
  Jim Moriarty (VF)   Roy Jones
  Spencer Gallant   Carl Cammaleri (QBs)
      Brent Craigie (L3M)
Hole 6B Evan Burns Hole 15B  
  Shaun Burns    
  Charlie Alexander    
  Brandon Jones    
Hole 7 Barry Gauntlett (JA) Hole 16 Shawn Pomfret (BC)
  Kim Bickle   Trevor Britton (BC)
  Zach Burr   Kevin Adam (BC)
  Chris Burr (CBBR)   Kevin Pomerleau
Hole 7B Todd Parker (CBBR) Hole 16B Robert Green (BC)
  Ann Mathies   Glen Haardeng
  TBD   Darin McMillan
      Robert Bullee (BC)
Hole 8 Matt Gauntlett Hole 17 Kevin Elkins
  Mark Bickle   Kevin Henderson
  Steve Gauntlett   Dave Boye
  Justin Zwambag   Shawn Evans
Hole 8B Steve Dostal (JA) Hole 17B  
  Dave Muill (EJ)    
  Alex Kovacs    
  Brent Pope    
Hole 9 John Rotondo (VA) Hole 18 Mike Drexler
  Sandy Fox (PLR)   Mike Drexler Jr. (CL)
  Rick Paddock   Kevin Gilligan
  Don Paddock   Moose
Hole 9B   Hole 18B Lawrence Thompson (QB)
      Ross Gibson
      Andy Capener (QB)
      Mike Novoselac (QB)

The Bobby Grenier Putting Challenge to be played between hole 18 & 1
or before you tee off on Hole #1... or whenever convenient.

Want a Lift?
Thanks to our friends at QB Sports Bar we have a bus ride to and from the Golf day event

  • Pick up location – Mainway Arena
  • Pick up time – 10:45 AM
  • Pick up time at Willow Valley – 7:30 PM
  • Drop off location – Mainway Arena

Let us know if you want to join us - email

Thank you to our Hole Sponsors!
L3M Freight Solutions Carson Law - Ryan Carson Fox Group
Lougheed Heating & Cooling EPK Training Solutions Peter Skoretz
Pro Pak Environmental Inc. Bobbleheads Canada QB Sports
Team BC VanderHout Flooring KeeLi Painting
McCleary Electric The Mortgage Warrior (Steve Dostal)
Dave's Fish Market Door Dudes On a Bun



Special thanks to Brent Craigie (Battlefield Graphics) / Bobby Grenier / Steve Dostal for their help and contributions

Registration includes round of golf, power cart, dinner after your round, hole contests and all the fun you can handle! Any funds raised will support our charity - Burlington Food Bank.

Burlington Food Bank

For more information to arrange to sponsor a hole, or make a prize table donation contact Scot Cameron at