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"The Robert Grenier Cup (Mid-Season Tournament Champs)"

Congratulations to our Robert Grenier Cup Winners (Tournament Champions). VanderHout Flooring (VF) defeated Bobbleheads Canada this year in our 2018 Championship match and VA defeated CBBR to take the Consolation Championship.

VanderHout Flooring
Year Team Captain(s)
2017 VanderHout Flooring (VF) Stephen Bero / Richard McCullough
2017 EPK Training Solutions (EPK) David DeSantis / Peter Afelskie
2016 Mortgage Centre (MC) Anthony Colatosti / Erich Schmidt
2015 Coldwell Banker (CBBR) Steve Koritko / Joe Gallant
2014 Cdn Tire/Jumpstart Nick Popovacki / Rick Fox
2013 Judge & Jury Dan Robertson / Jeff Chapman
2012 Deeth & Company Kevin Elkins / Kevin Roseneck
2011 McCleary Electric Ron VanderMeulen / Jeff Palmer
2010 Great Lakes Hydraulics John Bowers / Dave Missions Jr.

"Mid-Season Tournament Consolation Champs"

Verwey Automotive
Year Team Captain(s)
2018 Verwey Automotive Jim Hindley/ Andy McDonnell
2017 Carline Muffler Shane Nevills / Dave Holubeshen
2016 BOHC Rich Noble / Ron Evinou
2015 Jerry's Automotive Mike Porkolab / Doug Haines
2014 BOHC Chris Rogers / Gary Verdone
2013 L3M Freight Solutions Tom Clancy / John Bowers
2012 Jerry's Automotive Dave Geneau / Doug Haines
2011 BDO Jim Moriarty / Larry Gagnon
2010 McCleary Electric Ron VanderMeulen / Jeff Palmer

Congratulations to our winners and welcome to the BOSL Hall of Fame!

Hall of Fame

Bobby Grenier with his daughter and son-in-law