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It's hard to win a pennant,
but it's harder losing one. 
~Chuck Tanner

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Bob Lancaster (2008)

July 10, 2013
From Mike Wright

5 years ago today I lost my best friend and co-captain (Bobby Lancaster) to a terrible disease. In my eyes BOSL lost one of it's greatest captains that day.

Anyone that knew him will agree. Those not fortunate enough to have played with him would have seen what it really means to be part of this league.

He always had a smile on his face, shook everyone's hand and never had a bad thing to say. It was never about the winning. It was always about the people. Hitting a home run, stretching a triple or making a great diving catch was never the best part of the game. The best part never took place on the field. It always happened back at QB's.. Fun and fellowship is the best part of the game!

Usually people ask for a moment of silence in memory of such great people. Bob would never want that. What he would want is everyone to have fun and treat each other with respect. So I'm going to ask on his behalf to enjoy your game tonight. Smile and laugh and remember we don't get paid for this. Take a page out of Bob's book and remember the other teams aren't your enemy. They are only your opponent for the next 1hr or so. They will be your friends for life. Enjoy your time with them while you can.

Bob Lancaster

July 10, 2008
From Mike Wright

Everyone should take a page out of the Bob Lancaster rule book.  He played for the love of the game, not the win.  You would never see him get mad.  Never point out your errors.  Always had a smile on his face.  Sportsmanship was his middle name.

There were so many things that meant more than winning to him.  His family was always number 1.  Having drinks with the guys after the game was a close second.  You could never tell by looking at him whether he won or lost that night.  Every game was a win to him.  Just being able to play and joke around with everyone was what he loved.

If you ever had the honor of playing with him you know this.  If you didn’t get to know him you are very unfortunate.  The sheer mass of people that gathered for his funeral is a testament to how one person could touch so many hearts.  He truly was what BOSL is all about.  The score doesn’t matter.  The people of this league do.

Rest in peace. Sentiments from his best friend, Mike (Moose) Wright

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