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2021 Board Of Directors
Please help welcome your 2021 Board of Directors
Sal Messina, Brad Hazledine, Jarrod Schankula, Jim Seely, Brian Bishop
Dale Latendresse, Steve Bourke, Kevin Roseneck, Scott Sinclair

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A special thank you to the oldtimers from one of its Sponsors QB Sports
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Men's Masters 55+ for more details

Are there stats for that?
Strikeout-leaders, Most dropped balls, Most times hit by a pitch...
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Great job guys - THANK YOU for all your generous food bank donations!
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The Burlington Oldtimers Slo-Pitch League is softball for players aged 35+ based in Burlington, Ontario - played twice a week from May to September including two tournaments. A mid-season tournament in June and the season finale at the beginning of September. We have a solid base of players that come back year after year but we always welcome newcomers of all skill levels to experience our unique balance of competition, fun and fellowship! Read More

Mon May 04 (game 1)
Time Park V   H  
6:30 N CL 0 CM 0
8:00 N PLR 0 JA 0
Tues Aug 4 (game 1)
Time Park V   H  
6:30 Mill BOHC 0 ME 0
6:30 N VA 0 EJ 0
8:00 N QBS 0 VF 0
6:30 SD3 LRL 0 DC 0
8:00 SD3 DD 0 L3M 0
9:30 SD3 JNA 0 CA 0
Wed May 06 (game 2)
Time Park V   H  
6:30 N LRL 0 EJ 0
8:00 N PLR 0 BOHC 0
Thurs May 07 (game 2)
Time Park V   H  
6:30 Mill VA 0 CM 0
6:30 N CA 0 VF 0
8:00 N JNA 0 DC 0
6:30 SD3 QBS 0 L3M 0
8:00 SD3 ME 0 CL 0
9:30 SD3 DD 0 JA 0
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