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Odds to Win the Mid-Season Tourney

The views, opinions & predictions of this prognosticator are not necessarily those of BOSL, its executive or anyone related to Jim Hindley. Don’t take this seriously as you know I don’t… Last year at our Mid-Season Tournament, Mortgage Centre (MC) defeated Carline Muffler in the Championship match and BOHC defeated Deeth to take the Consolation Championship. Carline was a bit of a shocker to get to the show so you see there are always surprises!

Team Odds Prognostication
L3M Freight Solutions

I never thought I would ever say this but here we go... L3M is a Machine! Captains Kevin Elkins and Wes Meier obviously knew how to read the stats of previous years and they have good scouts too. They brought Joe Serafini back from the dead. L3M's 3 new players to BOSL are all hitting around or over 800 - Bert Sagheddu leads the team in batting & HRs, Kevin Henderson is 3rd and Denis Gervais is 5th. These three guys were under-rated but L3M took a chance on them and it paid off. Good thing too because you never know when Kevin Elkins will start limping again - watch for all the bandages and tape. Steve McCutcheon's doing great as well (are all lawyers great bball players?). You know, Michael Proctor was once a first round draft pick. Those days are gone I see but he's still got speed. Fantastic hitting/fielding team here - they are a LOCK for the championship match as long as Wes doesn't get kicked out :-)

Carson Law

I know what you're thinking... why predict CL in the Championships? Fact is these guys are beating all of you in RUNS! They're 3rd overall in total HRs and have great pitching, a solid infield and lots of speed. Captain Ryan Carson is killing it once again along with Peter Conick (both hitting .850+. New guys Gabe Aivazian and Umer Malik are great additions to the league and to CLs batting lineup! Carson is a threat guys - no more easy victories here like the last couple seasons. Welcome back Steve Leyland - still hits anywhere you leave a gap and Bobby Grenier doesn't just provide character, he's still got it. Of course Glen Baxby is exceeding expectations for the time being (.750 w 3 HRs) but can he keep it up...

Verwey Automotive

Remember last year when we all thought Steve Koritko was washed up? Steve thought his ratings would have dropped so much they'd get the first pick overall. Joe kept telling Steve not to worry, that he and Joe could carry him all season. This is a new career year for Steve with 7 HRs and .833 avg. I hope I don’t jinx it for him but congrats on the turnaround! Brian Veerman and Glenn Downey are delivering as expected with HRs and .760+ averages. VA is first place right now thanks to great pitching and to Steve's new bat! Not sure what's wrong with Mike Maycock (hits anywhere at will!) or Scott Young (hits very hard to 1st base!!) but they'll be there for the tournament so heads up guys. I know Mike's putting in a ton of time as a new dad - go Hudson go! but no excuse for Scott's average right now other than perhaps our first basemen are better this season.

Jerry's Automotive

Welcome back (Kevin Roseneck), Your dreams were your ticket out. Welcome back (Roy Jones), to that same old place that you laughed about. Well the names have all changed since you hung around, But those dreams have remained and they're turned around. Who'd have thought they'd lead ya... Back here where we need ya... Yeah we tease him a lot cause we've hot him on the spot, welcome back (Russell Ross)... All three are hitting 650+ but the leaders are Mike Porkolab (C) .760 with 4 HRs (like oldtimes), and Brian Bishop .710+. Great to see big Willy Jesso ahead of last years pace with 4HR. Did anyone notice sponsor Jerry Weninger hitting .650!!! Way to go Jerry, I know we shouldn't be surprised!

Coldwell Banker

We all want to know what happened here. Did Chris finally have enough of Todd? Did he ask to be traded last season? One of the league's best as a person, player, and captain didn't sign on as a C this year. Undoubtedly, Chris Burr was shocked to learn he became the team's surprise 4th or 5th pick. He's back with a vengeance hitting .870! Hard to believe but this team has two hitting even better at .900 in new guy Aaron McLean and the leagues largest 3rd baseman Stephen Daws. Oh and then there's Jason Townsley who hasnt even started yet. We could just give pitcher Peter Woodhouse his next consecutive Championship ring now but we don't have rings. Very solid team here - watch out guys.

Bobbleheads Canada

Captains Lee Labonte and Derek Lutz stuck with guys they knew this season with only one new guy - Ronjon Raha (625 with 1HR). What they didn't know was that veteran players also have a lot of back pain! Bobbleheads have 11 guys hitting over 600 right now! You would think that the team's 17 HRs is impressive - but they were all hit versus team QBS and have been mostly silent since then. Along with the bats, the Bobbs mostly have speed with Joe Medeiros, Dave Cross, Todd Stuart and Ronjon so they have the most potential to shock us and make it to a final. This whole team is doing well right now - the only one that needs a push is Joe Celi and that's a shocker (to us at least).

Edward Jones

New team Captains Tom Perris and Jon Rideout put together a great mix of players here for the new team sponsor (Peter Skoretz). Tom and Jon are expert place-hitters and as expected, lead the team in batting. Nice welcome surprise in new guy Chris Goldsmith hitting close to 1000! The team was leading in standings after the first few games and could easily regain the title. Everyone is asking where is Andrew McDonnell - and its not in reference to his attendance for a change. Great to see Rob Danylyk and Doug Emery hitting close to 700 and Jim Kotsopolis with 4HRs already! This team has the potential.

EPK Training Solutions

New guy Mike Canham is on pace to be this season's best pitcher but Terry Paskal is doing fine in relief when needed. So its true after all guys - last year REALLY WAS an anomaly for captain David DeSantis. He kept telling us he was over-rated and well, he's right. Sorry but nothing is making sense on team EPK right now. Rod McLeod has someone on his side leading the team with .820 and 1HR. Bill Misner must be hurting right now. Dale Latendresse can only get better. This is a first place team that is struggling for no apparent reason. Attn BOSL players - everyone please say hello to RON FULLER when you play these guys. Classiest oldtimer in the whole province!

McCleary Electric

There was a day when captain Ron Vandermeulen could hit anywhere he wanted at will... and he was a feared pitcher. Maybe he just misses Gerald Dueck? Bobby Hill is a good relief guy - maybe he needs a few more innings. Co-captain Jeff Palmer (.733) is off to his usual start and looking for his first HR. Its no surprise here that Philip Herbeson (.820 and Trevor Pinkerton (.740) are leading the team. Look at Norm Poyton hitting .750!! As always, team McCleary picks character guys and the team has that going for them... Never out of it, they are a dark horse to make the consolation final.

PhysioLinks Rehab

Looks like the pressures of being a first-time BOSL Captain have taken effect on Richard McCullough's batting, while co-captain Stephen Bero hasn't lost a step! Steve can you let Richard try your bat? Great to see Rob Green leading the team with an .839 average. I wonder if Rob is saying to himself - see guys! It wasn't me... having been in the basement for the last couple seasons. New guys Kevin Adam (.700), Sandy Fox (5HRs), Tom McDowell (.640) and Bryan Okeane are all pulling their weight here - welcome to the league! John Stewart is off to a slow start so all eyes on John.

Cambridge Mercantile

As we all expected, team CAM leads the league in HRs but we didn't expect Michael Porteous to be leading the stats with 7. He was really just drafted for his batting average so this is a shock - especially to his brother. Captains Chris Rogers (.900 with 4 HRs) and the Mortgage Warrior Steve Dostal (.790 with 7HRs) are proving their leadership. This team would be in first place by a mile if Nick Mattiacci, Dave Muill and Steve Sguigna would just hit the batting cage. New guy Derek Irving (.750) is doing better than expected so that helps offset the disappointment :-). Seriously though, these guys can beat any team.

Carline Muffler

Captains Dave Holubeshen and Shane Nevills put a great team together this season with Doug Vollans (.800 with 7 HR) leading the way. But no one could have predicted big Ed Meahan to be #2 on the team (.790 with 4HRs). Do we increase his ratings now or wait for the normalization. John Cliffe is number 3 on the team right now which means he must be in a slump! I'm certain John will be leading this team in batting in a month or so. Rhys Westmoreland is having a great year so far hitting .700+. We need Ed's luck to rub off a bit to help Kevin Murray and new guy Ryan Kinghorn.

Deeth & Company

Perhaps the most colourful team in BOSL this season and I don't mean jerseys. Hats off to Phil Osfolk killin it with .900+ and 1HR. Tell us Luke (Harper)... was dad as good as you are when he was in his 30s? Hall of Famer Greg Moore (C) and new captain Peter Winstanley picked a solid hitting team here. Tony Ortoleva, Paul Gottwald and Randy Kobryn are all delivering as expected - but looks like Luke Harper's rating could double next year! He's doing great. Team Deeth is always associated with Winning and this team no different.

Vanderhout Flooring

We thought this team was dead out of the gate with the surprise early retirement of Tom Clancy but they've battled back thanks to the great pitching of outfielder Erwin Mendoza. Doug MacFarlane, Maurice Vanderhout and Blake Mercer have been carrying this team while waiting for Gibbs, Wootton and Fox to get in the game. Team VF will be a completely new force now with the addition of Mike Gibbs, Ken Wootton in the lineup and now Scott Sinclair to pitch. Maybe now Erwin's hitting will improve without all the pitching pressure. Sorry guys... all the other teams count on their captains to lead the way...

QB Sports Bar

Even Lawrence Thompson and Mike Boyle are hitting better than co-captain Steve Bourke this season. Steve led the league almost all of last year in batting - could it be a faulty new bat? A welcome surprise here with Rick McKay batting .800+ with 2HRs - way to go Rick! Ron Evinou is batting .770+ with 1HR (and that's considered under-performing for him). Now who's going to pitch without Todd Barsanti in the lineup? Can new guy Stuart du Kamp fill the gap? New guys Gord Comstock and Justin Lukings are making a charge for rookie of the year honours. More was expected from the once great Don Radke.

Burlington Oldtimers
Hockey League

Everyone's asking - what happened to last year's rookie of the year Jamie Porteous? Shouldn't he have around 15 HRs by now? Maybe he's working on other parts of his game. Captains Brian Murphy (.750) and Mike Starr (.670) are hoping to get him to be more like Neil Marsh (.800+ with 6HRs), once a first rounder like Jamie. OK so the team can go nowhere but up from here. Hopefully they get it together for the mid-season.

Loughheed Heating
& Cooling

The new improved Chad Blackmore leads the team with 3HRs batting .815+. New guy Bryan Katz (.740 with 2 HRs) is doing way more than we expected. First rounder Murray Stewart is contributing as always (.680+ with 2HRs). New captains Mike Ciccone and Angelo Musitano drafted character above all else and they got it. Brent Craigie's bat will come around and Roger Ross is having troubles there. The team just needs a few more months to get it together.

The Door Dudes
200/1 This team needs a doctor. Here's the link to our sponsor PLR guys. Lots of strong bats on the team with Jason Brake (.850 with 2 HRs) leading the way, followed by Drex hitting .740+ and 3 HRs. Captains Hector Hong and Mark Riley really need their IR guys to heal up fast or will have to continue to borrow catchers for the remainder of the season. We will make sure our first aid kits are right beside your bench for the mid-season.

Please do not contact Tournament Director Steve Bourke with any concerns about these odds - they are what they are :-)