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How did McCleary get stuck
with me? Don't they usually draft
guys who can't hit and catch?
~ Rick Jones


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BOSL – YEAR END TOURNAMENT: September 4 to 10, 2017
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Odds to Win the Year-End Tourney

August 18, 2017 - the Tipster... hmmm - I think David's expression in the photo next to this says it all - non-believer!

The views, opinions & predictions of this prognosticator are not necessarily those of BOSL, its executive or anyone related to Jim Hindley. Don’t take this seriously as you know I don’t… At our Mid-Season Tournament, EPK (12-1) defeated L3M (2-1)  in our Championship match and CM (25-1)  defeated QBs (35-1)  to take the Consolation Championship so you see there is still hope for the teams in the middle of our standings!

Team Odds Prognostication
Verwey Automotive

VA is third in RBIs, practically tied for first place and they beat up on someone scoring 40 runs. So they have NO MERCY! Captain Steve Koritko hasn't let up all summer with 32 HRs and .800 avg. It's not all Steve here though! Brian Veerman and Glenn Downey haven't let up either. Mike Maycock pitches like the Kevin Roseneck of yesteryear. I'm predicting Scott Young and Mike Veerman will finally turn it around and get these guys to the championship. I realize I am going out on a limb predicting these guys win it all - just really depends which team shows up.

L3M Freight Solutions

Pitchers don't like playing L3M! These guys hit their 100th HR last game. Elkins hasn't needed his usual bandages and tape. Just amazing what a fantastic job Mario Caputo has done all year! Stats guy never has to ask the captains who pitched this week - as Mario has logged more innings than any other pitcher. (14.9 ERA is impressive considering they don't have the defense that EPK does). What a great season for a great guy!

Coldwell Banker

As we look back, we wonder how these guys managed to draft both Stephen Daws and Jason Townsley on the same team. CBBR is 1st place right now with the 2nd highest Runs For and 2nd best defense. Pitcher Peter Woodhouse hasn't lost a Championship since giving up Umpiring and he's very close to Mario in terms of number of innings pitched. What ever happened to Chris Burr? Remember him? He's very quietly - 2nd in batting on the team, maybe its the semi-retirement of not being a Captain for the first time - one of the leagues best hitters. I predict CBBR will come in 2nd

EPK Training Solutions

Don't want to hurt his feelings but captain David DeSantis batting avg just decreases every season. I wonder if Peter is getting nervous or just glad that Davids rating goes down for next season. BEST DEFENSE in BOSL. I'm sure the rest of the team thinks there stellar defense is the reason they have the two best pitchers in the league but I think Terry Paskall and Mike Canham ARE the best two pitchers. How did they both get drafted here. Once again, everyone please salute RON FULLER who turns 83 in November. So proud to have played on his team a few times!

PhysioLinks Rehab

Captains Richard McCullough and Stephen Bero really did turn things around since the mid-season. Back then they were 20-1 long-shots and now they are 5th overall! Poster boy Rob Green is still leading the team in batting but its Sandy Fox and Bero with the power (13HRs each). The team must have benefited from the healing power of PLR :-)
Can't see them winning the championship but they're no pushover.

Cambridge Mercantile

Why isn't this team with their 93 HRs leading the standings? How is it possible that a team with six 700 hitters is only 11th in Runs For? So many mysteries here and I hope they solve them before the tourney. Love seeing John Gibson and George Neist on the field. Must be a fun team to play on regardless of where they end up. Congrats are already in order for Captain Chris Rogers (.888 with 36 HRs) - he's on target to set a new BOSL batting record. High spot Dave Muill hitting close to .800 and Derek Irving at shortstop great definsively and offensively. ‎Gibby has pitched great all year. Mike Novolsec, Ron Waller and Steve Sequina also picked it up in the second half. These guys are no long-shot - they are a contender.

Jerry's Automotive

I remember the coaches always saying .500 is good baseball!! Well... Jerry's is .460 and I'm going to blame defense. All the team needs is bigger mitts. Gone are the days when Kevin Roseneck would keep everything from leaving the infield. While we're at it - let's just blame Kevin for everything else. Nice surprises here are Dave Rombough (15HR) and Willi Jesso (17HRs) Russell Ross and Jim Moriarty are threats at the plate as well. Can't talk about team JA without mentioning Roy Jones 100% attendance and 41 HRs. I thought he would be rusty after being on the shelf for an entire season. Remember Jerry's is a tournament team :-)

QB Sports Bar

This team is whack! They are right in the middle. They can't seem to string two wins together as their streaks always end at 1. Name one person (including players on QBs) that would have predicted Lawrence Thompson would be leading the whole team in batting and HRs. What happened to quiet, unproductive Lawrence? I personally think Rich Noble gets a lot of at bats for so few hits! And again, more was expected from the once great Don Radke. Can Captains Bourke and Evinou rally the the team and boost morale? They were there after all in the Consolation championships at the mid-season. They still claim they would have won if the rain didnt stop them!

Bobbleheads Canada

Bobbleheads are .625 and in fifth place right now. At the mid-season tournament they were undefeated except for a close game with L3M who went on to lose to EPK. Mark Rankin does it year after year after year. He's our answer to other team's multi-slugger line-ups. BC uses a three-pitcher rotation so if the opponent gets too used to one they switch it up. I will really miss this team - what a great group!! Thanks for joining us again Dave Cross and Chris Church and RonJon is a great new player to BOSL as well.

Edward Jones

EJ has so much promise at the start of the season! But with 4 games remaining they just hit their 15th HR! Yay! They're not really that bad - just a minus 19 so there's always hope in a tournament for miracles. Everyone needs to show up though. Last Year's Cy Young winner Gerald Dueck is feeling the sophomore Jinx this season but he's hitting well. Andy McDonnell is hitting very well as are the Captains! This team has potential.

Burlington Oldtimers
Hockey League

Nice to see last year's rookie of the year Jamie Porteous (19 HR) finally turn it around for BOHC this season. Captains Brian Murphy (.640) and Mike Starr (.704) are right behind team-leading Neil Marsh (.773 with 25 HRs). Cudmore, Close and Cruz are all pulling their weight too so look out for a good game against blue & yellow. At .560 and a +39 BOHC is a dark horse to win the consolation!

Lougheed Heating
& Cooling

LHC has six players in the 600 club. First rounder Murray Stewart is .680+ with 20 HRs and pitcher Chad Blackmore leads the team with 13 HRs batting almost .700. New guy Bryan Katz (.670 with 4 HRs) is third in batting. The team has a lot of bright spots but we may have to move Byron down a division next season...

Carson Law

What was I thinking predicting CL in the Championships for the mid-season? With 424 runs they are 4th overall and just a minus 8 but what happens every night is a mystery. Their stats show them as the strongest batting lineup in the league with the best overall average. Captains Ryan Carson and Peter Conick (both hitting .810+ lead the team. I've fooled myself before talking about all the big numbers this team is showing and the power they have. Not this time guys. This time I'm predicting in advance that CL will barely make the consolation round. If they do though look out :-)

McCleary Electric

On paper the McCleary team looks like they will contend. On the field, things aren't always as they seem. They have some younger guys trying to maintain the McCleary tradition with Phil Herbeson and Trevor Pinkerton leading the way with 18 combined homers and mid 600 OBA's. Their stand up comic Paul Haywood is doing what he can to keep things fun with his 3 homers and banana jokes? Bobby Hill is chipping in with a good OBA and some fancy pitching to show that umpires can play baseball after all. So McCleary it is time to pick it up a notch. Show us what you got and get er done so that captains Jeff and Ron will not have to find a new sponsor for next year!

Carline Muffler

Now sitting last overall you would think they don't stand a chance but let's not forget that half the games they lost were only by a run. First-rounder Doug Vollans (.804 with 31 HR) may have missed a few games. Big Ed Meahan is still #2 on the team (.745 with 6HRs). and John Cliffe is doing great too hitting .713 with 9 HRs. And say hello to recent addition Ken Walcott who is no slouch. With all these positives - why do they not win more games. Lets not forget they won the Mid-Season Consolation championship! They have what it takes. They just need to be the Home team.

Deeth & Company

Deeth has been struggling with injuries this season including Greg Moore (C), Richard Krummenacher and Tony Ortoleva. This opened the door for new guys including Doug McCarthy, who runs like the wind… great OF, awesome guy, and his wife just gave birth to a baby girl last Friday! Congrats Doug and family! Another new guy Darren Murray, just hit his first bomb last week…and a GRAND SLAM to boot!!! We never saw that coming when he was vetted! Randy Kobryn, Mr Reliable at SS… Terry McMahon, is hitting up a storm although you can time him with a sundial running to first base :-)

Vanderhout Flooring

This makes NO SENSE. Every single player on this team is batting 523+, they have a great pitching staff with Scott Sinclair and Erwin Mendoza, and they hit their share of HRs. Is it just the Clancy curse? Is it bad leadership? Can new guy Doug MacFarlane continue his performance through the tournament? Was adding Chris Waters enough? Will Mike Gibbs have to carry them? So many questions and so much potential but they are a long-shot.

The Door Dudes
200/1 Captains Hector Hong and Mark Riley tried their best all season despite the injury woes. This must be a BOSL record for injuries and hurt players. Hoping Paul McGrath can be there for the tournament. There lots of talent on this team and lots of character. Hoping Mark can mend up in-time as well! These guys deserve better!!

Please do not contact Tournament Director CARL CAMILLERI with any concerns about these odds - they are what they are :-)