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BOSL – Paul Ritchie Memorial Year-End Tournament: September 7 to 9, 2018
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Odds to Win the Paul Ritchie Memorial Year-End Tournament

The views, opinions & predictions of this prognosticator are not necessarily those of BOSL, its executive or anyone related to Ron Evinou. Don’t take this seriously as you know I don’t… At our Mid-Season Tournament, VanderHout Flooring (VF) defeated Bobbleheads Canada  in our Championship match and VA defeated CBBR to take the Consolation Championship. The Bobbleheads were a bit of a head shaker there so you see there are always surprises!

Team Odds Prognostication
L3M Freight Solutions

If you take Doug Vollans out of the equation, you still have a team with 26 supporting HRs and 8 players hitting 600+. Even though they have the leagues best pitcher in Scott Sinclair, it doesn't seem to matter who they put on the mound as they're all doing well. Sadly, the team lost Darren Anderson with a fractured ankle but his replacement in rookie Hugo de Melo hasn't hurt them. These are the Dave Little Award winners here for 2018 so no one wants them in their pod. Does anyone have the game tapes of Vollans they can share at the captains meeting for us pitchers? Here is a team worthy of best odds to win it all.

Jerry's Automotive

Though Jerry's was a tournament team?! They had us all psyched out that they would rampage through the mid-season and take home the 3/4 sleeve t-shirts but what happened? Hall of Famer Kerry Close was supposed to shut us all down and rookie Matt Close was supposed to be better than say - a Paul McGrath at the plate... Did they lose Chris Rogers before or after the mid season dissapointment? They replaced Rogers with nothing and managed a 2nd place overall finish so that says something... oh wait no, that was Ron Evinou that stepped in. Tough to lose your first round pick and the best player in BOSL... Nice to see Close and Close leading this team in batting! Everyone say goodbye to Barry Gauntlett as this is his last tourney - sad to see such a great person move on. Lots of class on this team though.

Verwey Automotive

I think Murray East Coast Alley was watching the terrible pitching staff on his team one year and thought hell - anyone can do that, and I'm not catching anything here in LF anyway! He really did become one of the top three pitchers in BOSL after not too long. It's getting harder and harder to find Aaron Mac McLean's weak spots at the plate. John Cliffe finally turned his season around and isn't it nice to see Big Brother Andy McDonnell showing kid brother Brendan how its done - batting in the 700s! Still, I am going on a limb here predicting VA to take the championship, but they are a tough team. Captain Jim Hindley was the only one who saw something in rookie Jean Aubry at the cages - and that paid off. If only rookie Mike Verwey could get a couple more hits!

PhysioLinks Rehab

Rookie Brendan McDonnell is doing SO MUCH BETTER than Ron Evinou - these guys got lucky on that deal. So that's why no one complained about Evinou not returning to the team that drafted him. Captains Jon Rideout and Tom Perris are doing great as usual and their two top picks paid off in the end but NICE SURPRIZE in Mike Mueller hitting almost 700 now. This batting lineup is strong and they put up a lot of runs. Some of the classiest guys in BOSL here with Sandy Fox, Bill Misener, Mike Boyle and John Andersen. Sorry to see Dave Rhibany pack it in mid-season though. How many times do we have to tell you guys - tell Paul Binder to stop hitting it up the middle - so predictable!

Bobbleheads Canada

Bobbleheads kicked our butts last game and they didnt even have 1st round pick Mark Rankin in the lineup. Willy Jesso and Shawn Pomfret provide the power in his absense though. Congratulations to team BC for making it to the show in the Mid-Season. With all these great hitters on the team no one would have predicted that Ron Waller and Bobby Hill would be leading in OBA. Is that drafting genius or pure luck? We will just have to see which team roster shows up for the tournament weekend...

McCleary Electric

It was 2013 last time ME took the title but this team has probably made it to the consolation finals more times than any other in the history of the league. At the start of the season, we thought having Jason Townsley and Jamie Porteous on the same team was unfair to the balance of the league. And having two top pitchers in Ron Vandermeulen and Gerald Dueck would clinch it. But whoa! it's Tony Ortoleva leading the team hitting 735 with 10 HRs - amazing for an 8th rounder! In one of the father/son battles its great to see dad Jeff Palmer just one spot over Chris Palmer. Off topic here but I can't thank Nick Townsley enough for providing me with his BOSL history files - i can't wait to get them onto our hall of fame/Alumni section. he hasnt aged since the 1990s. Is this Dave Wetherald's final season? I thought they got rid of him last year? I love reading the comments field on registration - Brad Hazeldine wrote "I show up to every game whether you like it or not"

Vanderhout Flooring

This team won the first ever Robert Grenier Cup for taking the mid-season! Congratulations boys. Everything is sad with team VF though... we lost Richard McCullough and we are losing Joe Gallant after this tourney and its sad they haven't won more games than we thought they would by now. Mike Maycock, Gallant and Alan Elliott are doing fantastic at the mound. Mike Proctor is money as a first rounder leading the team batting 735 with 9 HRs and Maycock is tied hitting 735 with him. Captain Steve Bero deserves everyone's respect batting over 700 with 22 HRs despite the nightmare season. Steve Bourke and Scott Young are doing great at the plate too. Not sure if you guys know this but Moe VanderHout is a generous team sponsor and a great friend of BOSL - we are lucky to have sponsors in BOSL like him.

QB Sports Bar

What the? 64 HRs on the team so far! Lawrence Thompson (25 HRs .670) is followed by Paul McGrath (15 HRs but hitting a shocking .740) way better than expected. Mike Novoselac is hitting .730 with 3HRs as well. Lots of pressure for us pitchers! Its a fantastic team but they have the second highest RA and as a result find themselves struggling to put three consecutive Wins together. Have to say that having Carl Camilleri on the Board has been a relief to all of us as he is a great addition and a very welcome volunteer. if only Carl could pull some strings somehow as tournament director to help get the team to the finals

Coldwell Banker

Fresh off an SPN National Championship, Chris Burr thought he would add some more hardware by taking the Gold in the SPO Provincials! Co-captain Todd Parker has steered CBBR in his absence to a solid 7th place which is still respectable in BOSL. Michael (the best) Porteous is killin it with 18 HRs, hitting close to .800! Philip Herbeson has 18 HRs too and 2nd in OBA around 690! Phil's hit 15, 16 and now 18 HRs in his 3 seasons with BOSL Talk about great team sponsors - this is John Rivard's 20th season being a team sponsor! Its also his 30th season and he's hitting 580+. Mike Canham is a first round Pitcher and Burr is a great closer. Still a long shot but somehow Todd picked it up in the 2nd half and Drew (two strikes) Martin is having a career year so watch out for these boys.

Carline Muffler

I don't think CM's stats have been updated since July so its difficult to tell how the players are really doing. Powerhouse Neil Marsh had 27 HRs back then and David DeSantis was leading the team batting .750+. Sadly, they lost Rikki Cruz in a failed home plate rundown, hopefully the knee is getting better after tripping over the commit line. Pitcher Peter Dovey is doing well in his 8th season batting 570. You would think a team with two BOSL treasurers could find the $ to bring in a ringer before the YE. Some great people on this team but can they surprize us all and make the consolation?

Deeth & Company

How did DC go from 12/1 at mid season to a dismal 20/1. Maybe I was star-struck looking at the lineup with Steve Koritko, Mike Gibbs, Steve Leyland and Doug McCarthy. Reality has set in now as DC has the least Runs For of any team. No other team has 7 batters in the lineup hitting 700 or close to. 60 yr-old Richard Krummenacher is batting .690 in his 26th season, 14th as a team sponsor! In this father/son battle, Adam Woodhouse is beating dad Peter by 39 pts. Chalk one up for the kids. Captains Greg Moore and Peter Winstanley have both hit 1 HR each - my money is on Greg to hit 2. Maybe this team deserves to be back up at 12/1 again, they certainly have the talent.

Lougheed Heating
& Cooling

This team needs a medic or trainer on the bench. They've been cursed by injuries. First rounder Murray Stewart is killing it as usual (.715 with 23 HRs). Production from Blake Mercer is up in the 2nd half right behind Stewart hitting 710+. Nice surprize from Chris Boots Harper hitting 680 with 13 HRs. Look at John Gibby Gibson batting .600 in his 14th season. Too bad the team missed Brad Serena on the IR for the 2nd half - they needed the attendance. Other than that, David Mohamed leads the team with his 97% attendance :-)

Carson Law

Captain Ryan Carson (25 HRs .810+) leads BOSL in OBA and co-captain Peter Conick is close behind (22 HRs .736). These two guys have more HRs than most teams combined. Pretty sure their 1st round draft pick was Moose or Larry Beatty but Mike Drex Jr is having a career season batting .760 with 1 HR. If you haven't already, please introduce yourself and say hello to two MVPs in our league Ron Fuller and Bobby Grenier. Ron turns 84 this November! Next closest to Ron is Bobby (77). Ron and Bobby are the ultimate ambassadors of BOSL - the two most-loved players we have! Doug Jack, Joe Celi and David Kent are doing great batting 600+ and watch out for Bob Speed-demon Betker, also batting well this season.

Edward Jones

Sorry about the odds here guys but we all know we are a long-shot. EJ has 5 players over .600 including Derek Irving, Randy Kobryn, Jarrod Schankula, Captain Brian Murphy and Dave Muill. Unfortunately, Derek was on the iR for a month nursing a severe leg injury. Last night at QBs the players agreed our problem was Pitching... Scot Cameron has given up more HRs than any other pitcher in the league. David Kimberley tried his best to coach Cameron on how to pitch but he's not a good listener. Hot-Rod McLeod has made some highlight-reel catches at 3B (in his 25th season) and its fun to watch Randy Fascinato in the OF. Having Paul Tree Gottwald at 2nd seemed like a smart move but he has trouble touching the ground as the tallest player in the league. Team sponsor Peter Skoretz's rating should go up next year as he's been hitting well.

Burlington Oldtimers
Hockey League

Team BOHC is pinning its hopes and dreams on a rising Starr - Mike Starr was recently added to the team to alliviate the god-awful season Nick Popovacki is having. Shout out to team leader Chad Blackmore who, in spite of it all, leads the team in batting avg, HRs and in pitching. I wouldn't say a great season for Chad but he IS leading the team right now. Sophomore Luke Harper is trying his best but they need more out of their middle players like Erwin Mendoza and Chris Waters. Pretty sure I saw Ken Wootton at QBs, maybe they can talk him into playing!

The Door Dudes
75/1 Still surprized how this team isn't at least middle of the pack. Michael Vos is batting almost.800. and Kevin Elkins is 2nd followed by who?-- what the ?!? NICK MATTIACCI just over .680. No one would have predicted Nick to he doing so well. Wes Meier isnt hitting as well but he's leading the team with 15 HRs. New guys Shawn Evans and Larry Hallett are contributing now and Shawn makes a great pitcher. If everyone shows up and Kevin is off the IR then they will do much better.

Please do not contact Tournament Directors, Carl Camilleri or Bill Misener with any concerns about these odds - they are what they are :-)