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2017 BOSL Board of Directors – Duties

President (Jim Hindley)

  • Oversees all league operations
  • CEO and spokesman for the league
  • Chairman for all Board of Directors meetings
  • Chairman for all Captains meetings
  • Production and timing of all league correspondence
  • Co-ordination, preparation and distribution of all meeting agendas
  • Chairman of the Rules and Disciplinary Committee

Vice President (Ron Evinou)

  • Member of Rules Committee
  • Administration of all player evaluations
  • Member of the Membership Committee
  • Recruitment and designation of team captain pairings
  • Recruitment of Team Sponsors
  • Evaluation of New Players
  • Evaluation or returning player ratings
  • Assume the responsibilities of the BOSL president in the case of absence or disability
  • Oversee planning and preparation across the Board of Directors porttfolios

Treasurer (Steve Rowsell)

  • Supervision of all league financial transactions and maintenance of financial records
  • Preparation of annual league budget and periodic financial updates and projections
  • Liaison with league financial auditors and Canada Revenue Agency
  • Co-ordination and presentation of annual league financials
  • Accounting for all league social functions and distribution of monetary prizes
  • Along with Web designer, responsible for on-line payment system for league fees and other fee-based activities

Secretary (Scott Sinclair)

  • Preparation and distribution of the minutes for all league meetings
  • Supply copies of league meeting minutes to league auditor/banking institution
  • Correspondence with City of Burlington regarding all park scheduling and required permits
  • Liaison with City of Burlington regarding all field conditions and markings for regular season play
  • Correspondence with Slo-Pitch Ontario (SPO) regarding league liability insurance program
  • Supervision of voting process for all league awards
  • Co-ordinate selection, preparation and purchase of team clothing awards and plaques for Awards Banquet

Social Director (Steve Dostal)

  • Identify needs of local charities for donations and present to the Board of Directors for voting
  • Co-ordination of all league social and charity events
  • Management of all league fund raising activities
  • Preparation and organization of BOSL stag night
  • Preparation and organization of the annual BOSL awards Banquet
  • Preparation and Organization of the annual BOSL Golf Day
  • Member of the Membership Committee
  • Administration of delivery of sympathy cards and flowers on behalf of the league

Tournament Director (Carl Camilleri)

  • Chairman of the Tournament Committee
  • Co-ordination of all tournament preparations (mid-season, BTB and year end)
  • Scheduling of tournament games and posting of results
  • Co-ordination of all tournament food and beverage sales
  • Supervision of purchase, transportation and inventory control of all alcoholic beverages
  • Implementation and supervision of municipal policies regarding alcoholic beverages
  • Recruitment of tournament volunteers/workers
  • Co-ordination of park clean-up after tournaments
  • Member of Discipline Committee

Membership Director (Glen Baxby)

  • Co-ordination of new and existing member recruitment
  • Development and implementation of new recruitment strategies
  • Pool player recruitment and distribution
  • Set-up and maintenance of player database
  • Chairman of the Draft Committee
  • Along with Web designer, responsible for on-line player registration system
  • Along with Web designer, preparation and co-ordination of annual player draft
  • Along with League Convenor, co-ordination of record keeping for player uniform requirements
  • Chairman of the Membership Committee
  • Website advertising sales

Director at Large (John Andersen)

  • Procurement of all equipment and uniforms required by the league
  • Along with Membership Director, co-ordination of record keeping for player uniform requirements
  • Supervise the distribution, maintenance, collection and storage of all league equipment and equipment bins
  • Administration of all SPO and local league rules
  • Liaise with SPO regarding changes to rules and/or equipment
  • Member of Rules Committee
  • Representation of the league at all BOSL Umpires Association meetings
  • Recruitment, training and scheduling of umpires for regular season games
  • Liaise with Tournament Director regarding umpire scheduling for tournament games
  • Member of Discipline Committee
  • Co-ordination of scheduling and assessment of umpires

IT Director (Scot Cameron)

  • Ongoing supervision and maintenance of league website
  • Along with Membership Director, responsible for on-line player registration system
  • Along with Treasurer, responsible for on-line payment system for league fees and other fee-based activities
  • Along with Membership Director, preparation and co-ordination of annual player draft
  • Recording, updating and posting of league schedule and standings
  • Preparation and distribution of all regular season game schedules
  • Co-ordination of all BOSL communication
  • Co-ordinate all league photography in conjunction with appropriate directors

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