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I was such a dangerous hitter
I even got intentional walks in
batting practice. 
~Casey Stengel, 1967

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2018 BOSL Board of Directors

  Director Yrs in BOSL Position Bio
Ron Evinou Ron Evinou

Scott Sinclair Scott Sinclair
(Vice President)
11 P/OF
  • 2nd year serving on the Board
  • Age 50
  • 11th year in BOSL
  • 5 years as a Captain
  • Wife - Susanne
  • Daughters - Sydney, Cameron and Kylie
  • Basketball, Golf
  • Work - North American Supply Chain Manager, Winoa USA
John Andersen John Andersen
(Umpire-in-Chief/Equipment Director)

15 SS
  • 15th year in a great League
  • 2nd Term on the Board
  • Wife: Elsbeth
  • Kids: Sarah and Scott
  • Grandkids: Evan, Claire, Mason
  • Things I like to do: travel, baseball, hockey ( BOHC member for 30 years), golf
  • Retired: staying involved and staying healthy
Glen Baxby Glen Baxby
(Membership Director)
3 OF/3B
  • 3rd year serving on the Board
  • Age – 53
  • 3rd year in BOSL
  • Flys planes in spare time
Carl Camilleri Carl Camilleri
(Tournament Director)
7 3B,2B,OF
  • 2nd year on Board
  • Age 48
  • 7th year in BOSL
  • Work: Oak-land Ford Lincoln
Steve Dostal Steve Dostal
(Social Director)
2 P/1B
  • 2nd year serving on the Board
  • 3rd year in BOSL
  • Age – 43
Jim Hindley Bill Misener
(Tournament Director)
4 OF
  • BOSL player since 2014
  • 1st year serving on the Board
  • Age – 53
  • Work – EPK Training Solutions
Steve Rowsell Steve Rowsell
8 OF,P
  • 3rd year serving on the Board
  • Age – 45
  • 9th year in BOSL
  • Wife - Nicole
  • Kids - Justine, Elisabeth
Peter Winstanley Peter Winstanley
4 OF/2B
  • 1st year on Board
  • Age – 60
  • 4th year in BOSL

Honourary (Non-Voting) Board MemberScot Cameron

Membership Committee – Glen Baxby, Ron Evinou
Replacement Player Assignment – Glen Baxby, Scott Sinclair
Player Pool – Steve Rowsell and Peter Winstanley
Rules Committee – Steve Rowsell, Carl Camilleri, Ron Evinou, Scott Sinclair, Rich Noble, Nick Popovacki (also looking for league volunteers to help)
Disciplinary Committee – Ron Evinou, John Andersen, Scott Sinclair, Steve Dostal
Tournament Committee – Carl Camilleri, Bill Misener, Scott Sinclair, Steve Rowsell (also looking for league volunteers to help)
Golf Day Committee – Steve Dostal
Awards Banquet Committee – Steve Dostal

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